To My Dog, Jowler

To My Dog Jowler,

Jowler, they’ve taxed you, honest friend;
Assessed you, put you in the roll;
To exile every dog they send —
Unless some friend will pay his poll.

By all that’s good, the rascals meant
Betwixt us two to breed a strife,
And drive you into punishment,
Or bribe your friend to take your life.

But, Jowler, don’t you be alarmed!
If politicians do neglect you,
Confound your tax! you shan’t be harmed,
I know your worth, and I’ll protect you!

But taxes, by the Constitution,
Convey the right to represent;
So dogs, by this same resolution,
Might just as well as men be sent.

Now, dogs and men, and voters hear,
That Jowler’s put in nomination
To go upon the coming year,
And aid in public legislation.

Jowler, beware of demagogues,
Keep clear of the minority;
Take care to smell of other dogs,
And vote with the majority.

Hornellsville Tribune (Hornellsville, New York) May 22, 1862

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