It Isn’t All in Bringing Up

Image from Library and Archives of Canada – First Among Equals

It Isn’t All in Bringing Up.

It isn’t all in “bringing up,”
Let folks say what they will;
If silver scoured, a pewter cup
Will be but pewter still.

E’en he of old, wise Solomon,
Who said, “train up a child,”
If I mistake not, had a son
Prove rattle-brained and wild.

A man of mark, who fair would pass
I or lord of son and land,
May have the training of a son,
And bring him up full grand —

May give him all the wealth of love,
Of college and of school;
But after all may make no more
Than just a decent fool.

Another raised by penny,
Upon her bitter bread,
Whose road to knowledge is like that
The good in Heaven must tread.

He’s got a spark of nature’s light,
He’ll fan it to a flame,
Till in its burning letters bright,
The world may read his name.

If it were all in “bringing up,”
In counsel and restraint,
Some rascals had been honest men —
I’d been myself a saint.

O! it isn’t all in “bringing up,”
Let folks say what they will;
Neglect may dim a silver cup —
It will be silver still.

Richland County Observer (Richland, Wisconsin) Feb 2 1858


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