Irish Proverbs

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Irish Proverbs

Men of straw don’t make the best bricks.

It’s a narrow bed that has no turning.

When money is sent flying out of the window, it’s poverty that comes in at the door.

The pig that pleases to live, must live to please.

One man may steal a hedge, whereas another daren’t as much as look at a horse.

Short rents make long friends — and it holds equally good with your landlord and your clothes.

The mug of a fool is known by there being nothing in it.

You may put the cart before the horse, but you can’t make him eat.

Money makes the gentleman, the want of it the blackguard.

When wise men fall out, then rogues come by what is not their own.


Richland County Observer (Richland Center, Wisconsin) Apr 6, 1858


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