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Life in the Hills

July 6, 2012


Oh! give me the life among the hills,
A life of careless mien,
Among the rocks and laughing rills
And the fronding clusters green;
The life that the happy song birds live
As they flit from tree to tree —
Where Nature’s God has life to give;
It’s the only life for me.

Oh! give me the life where crocus blooms —
Where the wild bees cloister stands
‘Mong garlands wove in the living room
By the sylvan God’s own hands.
In the vicinage of the moonbeam nymphs
And the water sprites play ground;
‘Mong the clustered tress of the fronded cress,
In the valley’s crystal pond.

Oh! give me the life where the spruce trees wave
In Alaska’s balmy breeze,
Whose compound robs the yawning grave
Of victory it would seize;
Where nature’s gyves are the only bonds
That binds the life and soul,
And the climbing vine the trees entwine,
That shades my longed for goal.

Oh! give me the life among the hills
When the frost is in the air —
When zephyrs cold the living chills
And snow lays everywhere.
When winter’s king crowns mountain spire,
And hangs o’er misty dells,
And glaciered vale where runs the trail,
Is clothes in snowy swells.

Oh! give me the life among the hills,
Where God is judge and law —
Where nature’s joy the sad heart fills
And feeds the human maw;
Where nature bathes the throbbing brow,
And sets the soul care free;
Where you live a life that’s free from strife —
It’s the only life for me.


The Alaska Citizen (Fairbanks, Alaska) Nov 11, 1912

According to a mention in The Fairbanks Weekly News-Miner, Nov. 12, 1920, J. Hampton Miles was a member of the Alaskan engineering commission’s office, He wrote several poems that were published in the Alaska newspapers in 1912-1913.