Another Midsummer Folly

Image from TIMEbinder

Midsummer Folly.

The hot, hot days will soon be here,
The idea makes one nervous;
But where is there escape that’s sure?
And what is there to serve us?
It isn’t wise to calmly wait,
And say “Good Lord, preserve us!”

We try the country boarding house
It is not as was stated;
The beds are hard as two-inch planks,
The board is overrated —
The rooms so small and close and hot
That one might be cremated.

The watering place among the hills
Is open to objection;
The cottage by the sea may be
Unwise in its selection;
Dissipation surrounds them both
And brings with it dejection.

The season o’er, we homeward go
Back to the city’s bustle,
And once more join the busy throng
Who never cease to hustle,
Without a sigh for balmy airs
Or leaflet’s giddy rustle.

— Detroit Free Press.

Newark Daily Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Aug 13, 1889

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