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You Gonna Vote?

November 4, 2012


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Civic Duty

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Lima News (Lima, Ohio) Oct 2, 1956

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Iowa City Press Citizen (Iowa City, Iowa) Nov 1, 1926

Suppose Nobody Cared

November 4, 2012



Suppose that you should die tonight
And leave a little one;
Suppose your call came suddenly,
With many things undone!
Suppose that one so dear to you
Were left all unprepared —
Suppose it happened wretchedly —
Suppose nobody cared!

Suppose it was a little girl
Who bore her mother’s eyes
And in whose laugh another’s voice
You’d sometimes recognize,
A voice that’s silent in the grave,
A voice that loved — and shared —
Suppose it was her babe and yours —
Suppose nobody cared!

For their dear sakes a little bit
Of God’s sweet charity!
For tho today it’s not your own,
Tomorrow it may be
Misfortune will have fallen on
The home that has been spared —
And you’ll thank God, beyond the grave,
Because somebody’s cared!

Lima News (Lima, Ohio) Dec 24, 1920