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Uncle Sam’s Larder

November 12, 2012

EVERY State has its favorite dish, for which it has gained culinary fame. No other country in the world produces a greater variety of food than the United States. If your appetite is jaded, if it demands something different, then consult the map for some new ideas. A study of this map will be a revelation of the remarkable resources of Uncle Sam’s larder.

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Nov 26, 1933

A Little Life

November 12, 2012

Image from Chatham Historical Society


(Detroit News.)
A little house to keep,
A little floor to sweep.

A little meal to make,
A little sweet to bake.

A little friend to know,
A little flower to grow.

A little bird to sing,
A little hand to cling.

A little child’s caress,
A little life to bless.

A little grief and pain,
A little cheer again.

A little fleeting day,
A little prayer to say,

A little house to keep,
Life has no joy as deep.

Iowa City Press Citizen (Iowa City, Iowa) Jul 27, 1923