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Spotsylvania Court House

May 12, 2012

Lee spots Grant moving toward the Spotsylvania Court House.

Lee’s men repel Grant’s attacks.

May 12th, the Union Army makes Grand Assault and fails, losing thousands of men.

Grant Dispatch: “I propose to fight it out on this line, if it takes all summer.”


HIGH LIGHTS OF HISTORY –  Spotsylvania Court House

Davenport Democrat and Leader (Davenport, Iowa) Aug 29, 1928 has a great website commemorating the Civil War 150 Years anniversary. See The Five Deadliest Battles.

Influence of Texas on Election of 1844

October 26, 2011

In 1837, Texas asked to be annexed to the United States.

Texas wanted to enter as a slave state.

The Texas Question became an important presidential campaign issue.

Pro-annexation, James K. Polk beats Henry Clay.


HIGH LIGHTS OF HISTORY — Influence of Texas on Election of 1844

The Davenport Democrat and Leader (Davenport, Iowa) Jun 24, 1927

The Copperheads

June 13, 2011

Radical Democrats denounced the war and opposed action of Federal authorities.

They were called “Copperheads” because of the emblems they wore.

Many were brought to trial and imprisoned.

Clement Vallandigham was arrested and banished to the Confederacy.

High Lights of History: The “Copperheads”
By J. Carroll Mansfield

North Adams Transcript(North Adams, Massachusetts) Dec 30, 1927

Read more about the Copperheads: The Traitorous Copperheads (“Peace” Democrats)

Image from the Son of the South website, which has tons of great images and information.

Here are a couple of “Copperhead” poems:


Come out, you slimy hussies,
Forget domestic musses,
And vend a few more cusses
On Abolitionists.
Wake, snakes!

Vallandigham will lead you,
While Southern traitors feed you;
And, Oh! how bad we need you,
‘Gainst Abolitionists.
Wake, snakes!

There’s only one condition,
To save us from perdition,
Just stop this Abolition —
D—-d Abolition.
Wake, snakes!

There’s nothing you can do, sirs,
To help both us and you, sirs,
Like making much ado, sirs,
‘Pout Abolition.
Wake, snakes!

The Athens Messenger (Athens, Ohio) Sep 17, 1863

[For the Messenger.
The beams of peace were smiling o’er,
Each lovely valley, hill and moor,
As through a Northern village came.
A man, with, on his brow, his name —
A “Copperhead.”

His brow was sad, with look forlorn,
His long, neglected beard, unshorn,
And with each breath he heaved a sigh —
A tear was glistening ‘neath the eye,
Of Copperhead.

A happier man he once had been,
He never dared to stoop to sin;
But love his country ever free,
And thought not that he e’er could be
A Copperhead.

But when secession clouds came o’er,
The tempter whispering at his door,
His mind and reason, so estranged,
That ere a twelvemonth he is changed,
A Copperhead.

“Oh don’t forsake,” his wife did plead,
“Your country in her hour of need.”
But putting all advice aside,
With fiendish look, “I’ll be, he cried,
“A Copperhead.”

“Beware! beware!” his conscience said,
“A day of reckoning’s o’er your head;
Your country’ll through this chastening rise,
And pour out vengeance from the skies,
On Copperheads.”

But heedless, quite, his way he took,
And all his former views forsook.
With hiss and sting he now was found,
The vilest reptile ‘bove the ground —
A Copperhead.

Too great a coward to go and fight,
To gain his “Southern brethren’s” right,
He stayed at home, with tongue and pen,
He hisses at our Union men —
Vile Copperhead.

But when the blast of war was gone,
And peace again our land smiled on,
The branded curse upon his brow,
No rest would Freedom’s soil allow,
To Copperheads.

And so this man now wanders forth,
He’s cursed, all round from South to North.
A second Cain. Such is the fate,
That in the future does await
All Copperheads.

The Athens Messenger (Athens, Ohio) May 28, 1863

The Cavalry Battle of Brandy Station

June 9, 2011

General Lee reviews Stuart’s cavalry on plains of Brandy Station.

Hooker sends General Pleasanton toward Culpeper.

Pleasanton crosses Rappahannock and encounters Stuart’s pickets.

General Pleasanton claims victory and recrosses the river.

High Lights of History
The Cavalry Battle of Brandy Station
By J. Carroll Mansfield

Decatur Evening Herald (Decatur, Illinois) Apr 26, 1927

Napoleon and Louisiana

May 5, 2011

Today in History: The Death of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte spreading terror through Europe.

Napoleon desires colonial empire in America.

As America is hemmed in by hostile powers, President Jefferson says, “Draw the sword on France, and throw away the scabbard.”

To solve the problem, Jefferson want to buy some land — “The Louisiana Purchase.”

By J. Carroll Mansfield
Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Aug 4, 1925

Results of California Gold Production

December 9, 2009

High Lights of History –    By J. Carroll Mansfield

Rapid Development of the Pacific Coast

The Pony Express

Transcontinental Railway - 1869

The Gold Standard

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Jul 29, 1926

The Vigilantes

December 8, 2009

High Lights of History –    By J. Carroll Mansfield

Lawlessness and Crime Flourished

Frequent Killings

Dishonest Gamblers

Ineffectual Courts

Public Safety Committees

Vigilantes Establish Law and Order

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Jul 28, 1926

Government Established in California

December 7, 2009

High Lights of History –  By J. Carroll Mansfield

Growth of Gold Production in California

Convention Draws Up State Constitution

Slavery Excluded

California Admitted to Union - 1850

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Jul 27, 1926

Prospecting For Gold

November 20, 2009

High Lights of History –  By J. Carroll Mansfield

Quest For Fortune

Quest For Fortune

Rocking the Cradle

Rocking the Cradle

Pay Dirt

Pay Dirt

Gold as Money

Gold as Money

Davenport Democrat and Leader (Davenport, Iowa) Aug 1, 1927

Discovery of Gold in California

October 24, 2009

High Lights of History –  By J Carroll Mansfield

Sutter's Sawmill - January 1848

Sutter's Sawmill - January 1848

Valuable Yellow Dust

Valuable Yellow Dust

Gold From the American River!

Gold From the American River!

Rush of Goldseekers

Rush of Goldseekers

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Jul 17, 1926