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By Rome We’ll be Enslaved

July 19, 2009

APAstatue copy

Image from McNamara’s Blog.

The American Protective Agency‘s Oath.

Brother Jonathan Opens Fire On The A.P.A.

With his plain-patched curderi breeches, an’ his red an’ yeller coat,
He has just come up and registered and casted his fust vote,
Talkin’, tellin’ abeout the Bible, an’ our institutooshuns grand,
An’ that the Stars an’ Stripes must float from each schoolhouse in the land!

Tearin’ up an’ deown on platforms, lettin’ steam off agin’ priest,
An’ bishops, popes, and cardinals that eat heretics at feasts.
Sayin neow’s the time or never to defend the flag we’ve saved! —
Our homes, our wives an’ children, er by Rome we’ll be enslaved!

Well, I’ve stood an’ I’ve listened till he got his rantin’ through,
An’ last night I stood in meetin,’ an’ I sez: “Why, who by you?
Never heard on ye till yesterday! — since that time I riz the axe
On my ole man at Concord an’ ye run to Halilfax!

Ye were mighty still when Sumter’s guns went shakin’ up the land,
An’ I had my Irish regiments march in an’ take a hand!
Great strappin’ fellers, shot right deown, with a shamrock on their breasts,
The Stars and Stripes above um, and a cross inside their vests!

‘The last guard of McClellan, an’ Burnside’s furthest dead! —
No, I guess not stranger — jest yit, I ain’t goin to lose my head!
Like ’nuff in goin’ to heaven, our roads may be apart,
But in pintin’ to the general end, we’re all the same at heart.

Some of my folks were Catholics as fur back’s ’76!
An’ thirty six years later helped me out ev a nasty fix!
An’ as fer Irish — in Mexico — of all Zach’s bloodiest fields,
He found at Cerro Gordo his biggest hoss was Shields!

But the way you’ve been talkin,’ St. Peter raves an’ swears
When comes along an Irishman that kneels and says his prayers.
But now I come to think on’t an’ look ye in the face,
I’ll be hanged if you ain’t Irish — no credit to the race!

But if you come to the United States to jest kick up a stew,
‘Tween Abner Jones an’ his man Mike, and neighbor Donahoe.
Tell ye here, right sqeea an’ how, ye’d better shack fer home!
I don’t want imported patriots to help me to keep out Rome!”

The News (Frederick, Maryland) Jun 3, 1895


Oh, the irony!


Member of the Ohio “Inner Circle” Astonishes His Brethren.

Monday evening a wedding took place at Toledo, Ohio, that caused a genuine sensation in A.P.A. circles. The contracting parties were Joseph D. Batch, charter member of Council No.2, A.P.A., and of the order of Zodiacs, commonly called the “Inner Circle.” present state secretary of the A.P.A. order, and Miss Tessa Cracknel, a pronounced and devout Roman Catholic. Rev. Father Barry of the Church of the Good Shepard performed the ceremony. The groom says he will resign his position as state secretary of the A.P.A. and will withdraw from the local council.

Carroll Sentinel (Carroll, Iowa) Jul 08, 1897

Benedict XVI and Roger Cardinal Mahony, leading the flock across the Rio Grande.

Benedict XVI and Roger Cardinal Mahony, leading the flock across the Rio Grande.

Image from Dyspeptic Mutterings

The A.P.A. Busy Propagating Their Ideas in This Country.

BUFFALO, N.Y., Sept. 21 — The American Protective Association is putting forth every effort to increase its membership in this city. Two sets of circulars have been distributed here that clearly explain the purposes and workings of the order. One set of circulars was distributed quietly among the avowed opponents of the Roman Catholics and another secretly among those who have taken the obligations of the order. The first circular recites that the order is about two years old; that in that time it has grown to a million membership; that in certain Western cities every official from the mayor down is a member; that it is aggressive without financial benefits and political, yet non-partisan; that it is a secret order, fighting a secret foe — the Jesuits. The circular concludes:

“The charm of the order seems to be in the fact that it means fight. The members are sick of apathy and supineness so prevalent in Protestantism. Of Americans generally who allow Rome to trample in the dust their most cherished institutions without a word of protest; and allow the many tentacled monster to seize and control city after city without a murmur. This is the grand reaction; a revolution, if you will, and if properly guided and controlled it means the annihilation of the dominancy of the old parties in 1896 and a new political heaven and earth.”

The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) Sep 21, 1893

1897 Model (Image from /

1897 Model (Image from /

The Mayor Got a Winchester

TOLEDO, O., Feb 24. — The suit heard in a local justice’s court of A.J. Rummel, dealer in firearms, against G.W. Ostrander and others, members of council No.2, of the A.P.A., has revealed the fact that among those who purchased Winchester rifles wherewith to repel an anticipated invasion by Catholics last Labor Day, was Mayor Major. Among others who obtained guns were Police Commissioner Doville, James W. Caldwell chairman of the Republican city committee, Workhouse Superintendent Brown, Joseph D. Batch, Joseph Doville, W.C. Harris, G. Ostrander, and George H. Jay Republican candidate for street commissioner.

Daily Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Feb 24, 1894