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Modern Youth

September 10, 2012


LITTLE BERTRAM, seven years of age, approached his father somewhat apprehensively.

“Say, pop,” he requested, “will you sign my report card?”

His father took the report card, and his face grew stern. A series of D’s and E’s were all over the card. He looked up.

“Young man,” he asserted angrily, “you have failed in every subject. I see, too, that you are to be left back in your class. Have you any legitimate excuse for all this?”

Little Bertram fidgeted uncomfortably.

“Well,” persisted his father, “answer me!”

The kid shrugged hopelessly.

“I’ve tried to keep my head above water,” he alibied. “But what can one person do against a nationwide recession!”

Lima News (Lima, Ohio) Mar 5, 1938