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Cooking School

November 15, 2012

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Cooking School


She used to go to cooking school
When she was just a little tike,
But never heeded any rule,
It was a class she did not like.

But now, absorbed in recipes,
Attending cooking school once more,
She heeds her teacher and agrees
That cooking is no menial chore.

It is a fine creative art —
This gift of fashioning a cake —
When to the beat of her young heart,
She stirs the batter for love’s sake.

Above the kettle’s humble song,
The cheerful clatter of the tins,
She hears bells ring and down a long
Aisle walks .  .  . The solemn hour begins!

And firmly her conviction grows,
She can more confidently brook
That sweet adventure if she knows
Herself to be a practiced cook!

(Copyright, 1939)

Syracuse Herald (Syracuse, New York) Apr 8, 1939

Christmas Shopping on the Farm

December 20, 2011

Image from Zazzle-Farm Christmas

A Verse for Today
By Anne Campbell


Around the kitchen table, with its checkered oilcloth cover,
A lighted kerosene lamp in the center, shedding cheer,
We sat on winter evenings, and we talked our shopping over;
For it was a December night with Christmas looming near.

The roads were banked with snowdrifts, and the hens had not bee laying.
It was well-nigh impossible to drive the team to town;
So on the printed pages of a catalog went straying
two pairs of twinkling blue eyes and two pairs of happy brown.

The catalog was thick and most profusely illustrated.
There was a section filled with toys and there we loved to look!
But Mother liked to see the furniture, and Father waited
To scan the pictures of the farm machines that spoiled the book.

At least we children thought so, for our minds were filled with scheming,
And nothing useful entered there! We marked the pages where
The toys were pictured, and the games; and then we fell to dreaming
Of Christmas and the happy rush of footsteps on the stair.

The clock struck nine, the book was closed, and sleepy children scattered
To dream of giant catalogs that whisked us far away
To the white home of Santa Claus, where little brown men chattered
Above the toys they fashioned for our happy Christmas Day!

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 20, 1939

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 20, 1939