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The New Era Fools Kentuckians

April 1, 2010

April Fool.

When in the course of time a day comes to hand that is observed by the public on account of some special event it is the policy of the NEW ERA to have some matter appropriate for the occasion, and so, as Thursday was the day that for centuries has been observed as “All Fool’s Day,” we had a number of fake news items in regard to various improvements about the city. Many of our readers, when they saw the items, remembered that it was the first day of April and with a laugh and a wish that the improvements spoken of were really going to be made, passed the matter by, but others swallowed the whole batch of items. Among the latter was Mr. Jesse L. Edmundson, of the Hopkinsville Independent, who came out in that paper reproducing the items, and saying that Messrs. Gotrox & Push would begin work on the street railway early in the summer, and also speaking of the new four-story building to be erected in front of the police office, and of the improvements to be made in the opera house. Mr. Edmundson forgot that it was April 1st.

Kentucky New Era – Apr 3, 1896

This was really a pretty good April Fool’s joke played by the newspaper. Below are the “news articles” that were published in the April 1st edition of the paper, which were referenced above. At first I thought placing the fake articles directly above an obituary was in really poor taste, but then I realized the obituary was also part of the joke!





Searching for a Fogy Mossback turned up nothing, so I googled it and came up with the following definition:

From Webster's Dictionary 1993

Too funny!

April Fool: Courtesy of the Home Protectors

April 1, 2009


APRIL FOOL. — The subjoined account of an “April fool” sell perpetrated by parties in Virginia, cannot fail in these days of anti-chinese sentiment, of exciting regret on the part of some that it was not a veritable instead of a sham transaction. We clip from the Virginia Chronicle of April first.

Sierra Nevada Hoisting Works

Sierra Nevada Hoisting Works

At 6 o’clock this morning crowds of people were observed flocking towards the northern portion of town. It had been rumored that the Home Protectors had met last night and taken Charley Sing to the Sierra Nevada hoisting works, where they had hung him to a tramway crossing the road. The report spread little by little, and even as early as 7 o’clock over 200 people congregated at the Sierra Nevada works. As they neared the place, sure enough the body of a man  was seen hanging by the neck from the trestlework and swaying to and fro in the chill morning breeze. The face was covered with a white hankerchief and the body was draped in the regulation shroud. A courier was dispatched on horseback post-hasted into town for the Coroner and a number of the assembled men proceeded to cut the rope and lower the unfortunate Chinaman to the ground. when the body reached the earth a universal howl of disgust swelled forth from two hundred throats, and two hundred mouths ejaculated hot words. The man was nothing but a stuffed effigy, loaded with stones, so as not to make the deception too apparent. The handkerchief over his face was tied on for the same purpose. Two hundred disappointed sensation-hunters slowly wended their melancholy way back into town, fully convinced that to-day was the 1st of April.

Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) Apr 3, 1876