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Aw Shucks!

September 6, 2012

Aw Shucks!
He has to go back to school now
Reckon we won’t be goin’ fishin’
Er swimmin’ anymore
Betcha he’ll fergit all about me anyway!

Alton Democrat (Alton, Iowa) Sep 2, 1938

Always for Some — The Last Day of School

September 5, 2012

The First Day of School is…

Always for Some…

The Last.

Syracuse Herald (Syracuse, New York) Sep 4, 1934

Public Humiliation


Endangering Children’s Lives

Olean Evening Times (Olean, New York) Nov 17, 1924

Back to School

September 4, 2012

Off to School

September 4, 2012


Throat a little lumpy,
Eyes a trifle dim;
Heart a wee bit jumpy
All because of him.
Countless mothers maybe,
Now the days are cool,
Sigh to see the baby
Starting off to school.

Strange that I should sigh so,
Now the day is here;
Strange that I should try so
Not to shed a tear.
Yet I stand here grieving
In the vestibule
As I think of leaving
Him all day in school.

Why this sinking feeling?
Why this moment’s pain?
What am I concealing
In my burning brain?
Can it be that mothers
Suffer deep concern
When at last from others
Babes begin to learn?

This the reason maybe
Heartache trouble me;
Never more the baby
Mine alone will be.
I no more can hold him
Mine to love and rule,
The world’s begun to mould him!
Now he’s off to school.

The Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Sep 28, 1936

Grandpa Knows Different

August 17, 2011

Why, Artie, — I’m surprised!

Now, when I was a boy I liked to go to school

— thought it was fine —

wanted to get an education etc…

Lincoln State Journal (Lincoln, Nebraska) Sep 13, 1921