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In Nebraska

December 1, 2010

It is warm outside today,
In Nebraska,
Very like the first of May
In Nebraska;
Eastern men I know will start
At the statement, but dear heart,
You can’t tell the months apart
In Nebraska.

You can hear the wild birds sing
In Nebraska,
Any time from fall till spring
In Nebraska;
But the pride and joy of all
Is that cornstalks grow so tall
And the snows melt when they fall
In Nebraska.

The Nebraska State Journal (Lincoln, Nebraska) Dec 11, 1897

The Nebraska State Historical Society has many wonderful old pictures on their website. These two images  are from the Kimble County Album, but there are several collections to look through at the main link.

Weather Forecasts for Nebraska:

December 11th: A balmy 28 degrees!

December 17th:  A little cooler, with a high 16 degrees. Definitely still flip-flops and shorts weather.

Creston, Nebraska (Image from /

There are tons and tons of snow
In Nebraska,
And the cold winds do not blow
In Nebraska,
Like a blanket on a floor,
Seven inches deep or more,
Rests the snow at every door
In Nebraska.

It is packed and solid now
In Nebraska,
And when farmers come to plow
In Nebraska,
What a joy to stir the soil
softened, as it were, with oil —
There’ll be crops next year to spoil
In Nebraska.

How the winter wheat will boom
In Nebraska,
How the trees will bud and bloom
In Nebraska;
We can stand the ice and snow
For next summer, don’t you know,
We shall hear the glad corn grow
In Nebraska.

One more year of golden crops
In Nebraska,
Will exterminate the pops
In Nebraska;
Fusion, now has lost its grip,
Cannot make another trip —
Let us not give up the ship
In Nebraska.

Better days are now in sight
In Nebraska;
Day dispels the long dark night
In Nebraska;
Let us hail the rising sun —
Bryan only is undone
And his old “sixteen to one”
In Nebraska.

The Nebraska State Journal (Lincoln, Nebraska) Dec 24, 1897

Daniel Freeman - First Homesteader -1863 Beatrice, Nebraska (Image from Wiki)

Homesteading is back! Pack up the wagons and head for Nebraska — or one of the other fine states offering free land.

Beatrice, Nebraska 2006

Image from Dan Kalah’s Motorcycle Trip Reports (trip 16)

According to the Yahoo article, 7 Towns Where Land is Free:

The Homestead Act of 1862 is no longer in effect, but free land is still available out there in the great wide open (often literally in the great wide open). In fact, the town of Beatrice, Nebraska  has even enacted a Homestead Act of 2010 .


Curtis, Nebraska 2007

This image also from Dan Kalal’s Motorcycle Trip Reports (trip 11)

From the same Yahoo article:

This 3.266-square-kilometer community of approximately 832 persons in southern Nebraska’s Medicine Valley has the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture and an airport three minutes away.

Evidently, the folks in Curtis, Nebraska  are offering two different land deals, which are briefly described in the article linked above.