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November 22, 2011


Off we go to the market early!
“Get up, Lazy, it’s canning time!”
Looking for onions small and pearly,
Stopping to buy nutmeg and thyme.
There’s the recipe Grandma gave us —
It’s the luckiest one of all!
Let’s cut through! Here’s a path to save us!
We’ll have need of our strength this fall!

We must look for some small cucumbers,
And a big bunch of celery.
Well, they say there is luck in numbers!
Market’s crowded as you can see!
We are earlier than the farmers!
All the wagons have not come yet.
Some of those younger girls are charmers,
They’ll be married real soon, I’ll bet!

Now don’t bargain too much! The prices
Can’t be cut very much below
Last year’s market .  .  .  By fruits and spices
Merchants must live and die, you know!
.  .  .  Ask him to take a trifle less, Dear!
Add the basket for one more dime?

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Sep 10, 1938