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The Four Suits – An Old Fantasy

April 21, 2012

Image from jenX5 on flickr


An Old Fantasy.

Clubs! They are trumps to many a one
Of elderly bachelors sad and forlorn!
Even ladies are now on their merits intent,
As a place where they modern ideas can vent,
And there many an offspring of suffrage is born.

Hearts! Their dominion is vanishing fast,
For Cupid’s supremacy is but a name;
A wealth of affection, though earnest and true,
For the most of our young modern belles will not do,
Unless one can offer them fortune and fame.

Diamonds! They hold in their glittering depths,
The mystical key to the hearts of the fair;
Before must fade e’en the glories of dress,
And many a swain owes his greatest success
To the tremulous cluster of dazzling solitaire.

Spades are the last, but then not the least,
Pleasures may vanish and fortunes may fall,
All will be uncertainty, sorrow and shame,
But the spade, when the spirit has fled from the frame,
Will send forth a dirge o’er the graves of us all.

Freeborn County Standard (Albert Lea, Minnesota) Apr 20, 1882