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Suppose Nobody Cared

November 4, 2012



Suppose that you should die tonight
And leave a little one;
Suppose your call came suddenly,
With many things undone!
Suppose that one so dear to you
Were left all unprepared —
Suppose it happened wretchedly —
Suppose nobody cared!

Suppose it was a little girl
Who bore her mother’s eyes
And in whose laugh another’s voice
You’d sometimes recognize,
A voice that’s silent in the grave,
A voice that loved — and shared —
Suppose it was her babe and yours —
Suppose nobody cared!

For their dear sakes a little bit
Of God’s sweet charity!
For tho today it’s not your own,
Tomorrow it may be
Misfortune will have fallen on
The home that has been spared —
And you’ll thank God, beyond the grave,
Because somebody’s cared!

Lima News (Lima, Ohio) Dec 24, 1920

IHOP Provides Hope (and FREE Pancakes) on National Pancake Day

February 28, 2012

Valley News (Van Nuys, California) Nov 25, 1960

Today is National Pancake Day and IHOP is celebrating:

Flip for Free Pancakes!
February 28, 2012

Since beginning its National Pancake Day celebration in 2006, IHOP has raised nearly $8 million to support charities in the communities in which it operates. On February 28, 2012, guests from around the country are invited to celebrate National Pancake Day at IHOP and enjoy a free short stack of Buttermilk pancakes.* In return for the free pancakes, guests are asked to consider leaving a donation for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals © ** and other designated local charities.

Here are some IHOP flashbacks:

“Home of the never empty coffee pot

Valley News (Van Nuys, California) Oct 20, 1960

SYRUP FOR CINDY — Pert Cindy Robbins, popular television actress who stars on “Tom Ewell” show, has ball at International House of Pancakes. Fast growing chain has nine restaurants open, four of which are located in Valley — Toluca Lake, Panorama City, Woodland Hills and Northridge.

Van Nuys News (Van Nuys, California) Dec 9, 1960

HERE’S NESS! — Blithely unaware of two “rogues” in other picture, star of “The Untouchables” Robert Stack enjoys dining with wife and children at International House of Pancakes.

Van Nuys News (Van Nuys, California) Feb 3, 1961

Attack on a stack of “wheats” lights eye of young Johnny Crawford of TV show The Rifleman.



Man’s oldest known form of bread food is fast becoming the newest dining-out craze as restaurants specializing in pancakes spread throughout the nation. One of the leading pancake chain operations, the International House of Pancakes, has jumped in three years from a single operation to a string of 25 units with an annual gross of $10 million. Under a licensing agreement with the Waldorf Systems, International  is opening new restaurants every few weeks in New England, Ohio, the West Coast, upstate New York. The restaurants draw most customers for Sunday morning breakfasts.

Independent Star News (Pasadena, California) May 21, 1961