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Make it Snappy

December 8, 2011

Image from Papa Ted’s Place


By Berton Braley

“Do your Christmas shopping early”
Later on the crowds grow surly,
In the frantic hurly-burly —
And the row;
So get busy — the time is flying
And the rush and crush are trying,
If you’re planning Christmas buying
DO it now!

Do it now! Procrastination —
Means much wrath and indignation
And a lot of perspiration
On your brow;
Listen, Buddy, listen, Girlie!
These the words of wisdom pearly
“Do your Christmas Shopping Early,”
DO IT now!

Duck the fierce last-minute flurry,
When the shop-girls eyes grow blurry,
You can spare them half that worry,
This is how:
Have a heart with kindness in it —
If you’re gonna shop, begin it
Not next week but NOW, this minute!

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 8, 1921

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 8, 1921