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No Arm Jack: Horse Thief

January 29, 2009
Stolen Horses

Stolen Horses

An Armless Horse Thief.

Dallas, Texas, has had a visit from a singular character — Jack Hall, alias No Arm Jack — en route to Stephenville jail, from which institution the prisoner escaped six months ago after receiving a sentence of ten years in the penitentiary for horse-stealing. Both his arms are off above the elbow, having been crushed in a sugar mill when he was a child, but the bones grew out several inches from the flesh, and their surfaces are rough like corncobs, and Jack writes a beautiful hand by holding a pen beside his chin and pressing the protruding bone against it. He shoots a pistol or firearms expertly, and manages a horse as well as the average two-handed man. The height of his ambition appears to have been stealing horses successfully. He is about thirty years of age. He was arrested in the Choctaw Nation.

The Marion Daily Star (Marion, Ohio) Aug 14, 1882