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Desperado and Cigar Smoking Girl Slain

May 23, 2012

Clyde Barrow and his gunwoman companion, Bonnie Parker, were shot and killed today by Texas and Louisiana officers who beat them to the trigger pull.

Their crime career ended in a blaze of riot gun fire when, disregarding a command to halt and unable to get their weapons into play, the desperado and his cigar smoking girl were riddled with bullets as they drove their car past ambushed officers at 85 miles an hour.

The car careened into an embankment and was wrecked.

In the wreckage the officers found both bodies riddled with bullets. Bonnie was almost doubled over the machine gun she held in her lap. Barrow’s broken body was twisted behind the steering wheel, a revolver gripped in one hand.

The Lincoln Star (Lincoln, Nebraska) May 23, 1934