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Tailor Made, With a Hatchet

February 8, 2009


A Savage Attack.
The following we clip from the Marion Independent of last week:

John Corr, who is well known all over this part of the county as a first-class tailor and a jovial companion when not intoxicated, but a furious madman when under the influence of whisky, is one of the parties concerned in a fight in which injuries were inflicted which may yet prove fatal. David Meekins, the party receiving the injuries, is of the late firm of Ackerson & Meekins, now about to leave this place.

On Wednesday, the 28th inst, Mr. Corr returned from a trip to Nicktown, Cambria county, where he frequently goes, in a state of mental excitement from drink. On entering the store-room of Ackerson & Meekins, through which he has to pass to reach his shop on the second floor, he commenced to use some boisterous and abusive language and was ordered out. He then went up stairs and procured a hatchet, and leaning over the railing that surrounds an opening in the center of the ceiling, continued his abusive language to some parties below and wielding the hatchet in a defiant manner.

Mr. Meekins, went above with the intention of quieting Mr. Corr, who on seeing him approaching, turned upon him and threw the hatchet at his head. Mr. Meekins seeing the weapon coming, threw up his arm to ward off the blow, but the hatchet was not stopped, and after cutting the wrist considerably, struck him on the head, blade foremost, inflicting a frightful gash on his left temple. Then ensued a scuffle between the two for life, the wounded man having secured the hatchet which he was in the act of using on his antagonist, when Mr. Thos. Ramey, Constable Weamer, and James McGregor, Jr., arrived and parted them. In the scuffle, Mr. Corr received an ugly, but not dangerous wound on the back of his head. Mr. Corr was arrested on a charge of assault and battery, with intent to kill, but was released on $1,000 bail. J.W. Frampton and Clover Pounds going on his bond.

Indiana Weekly Messenger (Indiana, Pennsylvania) Apr 4, 1883

Pretty much a duplicate article, with a lot less details. I found this one first.

A Desperate Assault.

One day last week, during an auction sale at the store of Ackerson & Meekens, in Marion, John Corr, a tailor, and usually a very quiet and peaceable man became enraged at Mr. Meekens because the latter had ordered him to leave the store room. In great rage Corr caught up a hatchet and threw it at Meekens, the blade striking the latter on the cheek, cutting a fearful gash, the eve protruding and laying on the cheek. The wounds of Mr. Meekens were dressed by Dr. Thompson, and he remains in a dangerous condition. Corr was arrested and entered bail for his appearance at Court.

The Indiana Democrat (Indiana, Pennsylvania) Apr 5, 1883


David Meekins, who had the use of his left eye destroyed by being struck with a hatchet some weeks ago, on account of that member decaying in his head and causing great pain, thus impairing the other eye, was compelled to have it taken out. The operation was performed in Pittsburg on Tuesday, by Dr. Lippincott, of Pittsburg, and Dr. Allison, of this place. Mr. Meekins is now in town and getting along finely.

Indiana Weekly Messenger (Indiana, Pennsylvania) May 2, 1883


David Meekins.
Last week we published a notice of the death of David Micklin or Meekins, of Idaho, giving all the particulars we could get at that time. Since then it has been ascertained that the deceased stock dealer is David Meekins, who formerly resided in Marion Center, where he was a member of the firm of Ackerson and Meekins. About twelve years ago he went west and was employed on a ranch. Since then he became immensely wealthy and leave a large ranch stocked with sixty thousand head of cattle. He was unmarried and his wealth will go to a brother living in Ohio and his sisters. Of the latter, one is the wife of W.D. Jones, who lives north of Ebensburg; another the wife of William Widdowson, of Dixonville, Indiana county, and another the wife of Joseph Lovelace, of Cherrytree. Another is the wife of a man named Ziegler, whose place of residence is not known.

The Indiana Democrat (Indiana, Pennsylvania) Feb 20, 1896

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