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Chirstmas Eve

December 24, 2011

On Christmas Eve

Do you by chance tonight recall
Another Christmas Eve?
And does a picture on the wall
Fond memories retrieve?

And can your mind this scene conjure?
An angel by your bed —
A vision lovely, kind and pure,
Who took your hand, and said

“Come son, and see your Christmas tree,
Your books, and games and toys.
I’m sure that then you will agree
Old Santa loves good boys.”

And did you climb upon her knee?
And did she hold you tight?
Oh! don’t you wish that you could see
That saintly fact tonight?

— J. Harold White

Hamilton Daily News Journal (Hamilton, Ohio) Dec 24, 1936


[Copyright, 1901, by Neil Macdonald.]

Grace stood beneath the mistletoe,
A wreath of holly round her head,
And in a voice soft, tender, low,
Led me to hope when hope had fled.
In her brown eyes, so loving, true,
I read the record of my fate.
‘Twas then, entranced, that first I knew
A joy that nothing could abate.

Sylphlike and beautiful as morn,
In sylvan dell by babbling brook,
As fair a maid as e’er was born,
The treasure of her lips I took.
Oh, holly red and mistletoe,
Oh, chimes that speak of love and bliss,
Can aught on earth I e’er shall know
Surpass the rapture of that kiss?

Now in a reminiscent mood
I sadly dream of days gone by;
Of hopes that cheered when Grace I wooed
And saw the lovelight in her eye.
But seasons come and seasons go,
The chimes will ring again tomorrow,
And many hearts with joy will glow,
Though some will hear the bells with sorrow.

The Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Dec 21, 1901

Hamilton Daily News Journal (Hamilton, Ohio) Dec 24, 1935

Sage Counsel – It’s What’s for Christmas

December 23, 2011


The Christmas season comes apace,
when smiles will hang from every face.
The Christmas spirit for a time,
will make our lives a thing sublime.
Alas, beshrew me, and dodgast!
The Christmas spirit does not last!
A day or two it warms our hearts,
then straightway shrivels and departs;
why does it chase itself so soon,
and leave our lives all out of tune?
It is because we eat too much
of turkey, pudding, pies and such;
the Christmas spirit cannot dwell
where people with dyspepsia yell.
The Christmas morning finds us calm;
the season, like a soothing balm,
has healed the broubles and the cares
that man through weary workdays bears.
We look with kind and loving eyes
upon our smiling fellowguys;
we send some peanuts to the poor,
and think the Spirit will endure.
And then we eat a gorgeous meal,
including turkeys, ducks and veal,
and pies — the kinds that mother made —
and doughnuts, cakes and marmalade.
At night our burdened innards balk,
and through long hours the floor we walk;
and in the morning, cold and gray —
the morning after Christmas day —
we groaning leave the sleepless berth,
and care no hoot, for peace on earth.
And now I spring some good advice,
which followed up, will cut much ice.
Eat humble grub on Christmas Day,
and give the gorgeous things away.

Walt Mason

Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah) Dec 22, 1920

The Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Dec 23, 1911

What Christmas Morning Means

December 22, 2011


Oh, I am glad to know,
Those Christmas days of long ago,
To see the candle-lighted tree
With all the pomp of mystery,
To stand before it open-eyed
As some new tinseled toy I spied.
To wake before the dawn had come
And find beside my bed a drum,
And then to rouse the house with joy
As now does many a little boy.

Those glorious Christmas days, it seems,
Have vanished in the mist of dreams,
Yet other little boys must know
The self-same charms of long ago;
But there’s no table long drawn out
For all the folks to sit about.
No shouts of glee, no welcoming smile
To those who’d driven miles and miles
To be with us and share the day —
Those good old friends were called away.

The mother smiling at the door,
Her eyes with tears just brimming o’er,
Glad tears that seemed so strange to me,
I wondered oft how they could be.
Because, till I’d grown old, I thought
That Christmas day with joy was fraught,
And didn’t understand or know
That it is touched with grief and woe,
And howsoever large the list,
There always is a loved one missed.

The gifts were simple then, but oh,
With love they set all eyes aglow!
For ivory pen or picture framed
“Just what I wanted!” each exclaimed,
“How did you guess, Aunt Jane, that I
This very thing had longed to buy?”
Love’s altar candles were aflame
As we produced our big surprise
Which brought the tears into her eyes.

But we who were the children then
Are now the women and the men;
The girls are mothers and they cry
As mothers did in days gone by,
And I have learned through changing scenes,
Just what the Christmas morning means;
I feel their kisses on my cheek,
And find it difficult to speak —
I’ve come to understand, and know
Just how they felt so long ago.

By Edgar A. Guest

Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah) Dec 22, 1920

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 22, 1921

Hang it All

December 21, 2011


Time: Christmas eve.
Place: Any great American home.
Cast: Pa.
Overture: “Hang up the Holly.”

Pa makes entree with his head hanging.
Bag of presents hangs over his shoulder.
Pa hangs bag on tree.
Pa hangs up kids’ stockings.
Pa hangs Ma’s present on tree.
Pa hangs Grandma’s present on tree.
Pa hangs Grandpa’s present on tree.
Pa hangs Auntie’s present on tree.
Pa hangs Sister Susie’s present on  tree.
Pa hangs the Twins’ presents on tree.
Pa hangs the rest of the kids’ presents on tree.
Pa hangs his own present on tree.
Pa hangs Mother-in-law’s present on tree.
Pa hangs himself on chandelier.
Pa hangs there.

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 24, 1924

Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Dec 21, 1911

Christmas Shopping on the Farm

December 20, 2011

Image from Zazzle-Farm Christmas

A Verse for Today
By Anne Campbell


Around the kitchen table, with its checkered oilcloth cover,
A lighted kerosene lamp in the center, shedding cheer,
We sat on winter evenings, and we talked our shopping over;
For it was a December night with Christmas looming near.

The roads were banked with snowdrifts, and the hens had not bee laying.
It was well-nigh impossible to drive the team to town;
So on the printed pages of a catalog went straying
two pairs of twinkling blue eyes and two pairs of happy brown.

The catalog was thick and most profusely illustrated.
There was a section filled with toys and there we loved to look!
But Mother liked to see the furniture, and Father waited
To scan the pictures of the farm machines that spoiled the book.

At least we children thought so, for our minds were filled with scheming,
And nothing useful entered there! We marked the pages where
The toys were pictured, and the games; and then we fell to dreaming
Of Christmas and the happy rush of footsteps on the stair.

The clock struck nine, the book was closed, and sleepy children scattered
To dream of giant catalogs that whisked us far away
To the white home of Santa Claus, where little brown men chattered
Above the toys they fashioned for our happy Christmas Day!

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 20, 1939

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 20, 1939

The Mistletoe

December 19, 2011

The Mistletoe.

Oh, dainty odor of the mistletoe,
Sending my fancy off to long ago!
All this small room with faint perfume beset,
A modest mimicry of violet.

Those ancient days when linen robes of priest
Caught the green bough to deck some furious feast,
Breaking the brittlestems with knives of gold —
Those days were not so fine as some less old.

As jovial days, when jolly Christmastide
Filled all the earth with mirth, dear love beside,
Sweet was it then, beneath the mistletoe,
To catch a pretty maid and kiss her — so!

Oh,dear was yesterday beneath the bough,
And dear the kisses given there, I trow;
Full sweet the days we never can forget,
But, ah, tomorrows will be sweeter yet!

— New Orleans Picayne.

Edwardsville Intelligencer (Edwardsville, Illinois) Dec 21, 1892

The Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Dec 19, 1911

The Christmas Sting

December 18, 2011

Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Dec 19, 1911

Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Dec 18, 1911

Letter to Santa

December 17, 2011

Davenport Daily Gazette (Davenport, Iowa) Dec 19, 1885

Appleton Post Crescent, (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 17, 1925

Christmas Wish

December 16, 2011


I wish that good old Santa
Would travel like a show
And to his tent of playthings
For nothing let me go.
And take along my stockings
To fill in laughing glee,
With all the things he fondly
Hangs on the Christmas tree.

I’d see the pasteboard camel
Wink at the kangaroo;
I’d see the china wombat
and quagga chase the gnu;
I’d see the rubber ostrich
Serenely wink his eye
To see the monkey capture
The peanut on the fly.

And then I’d see old Santa
With all his books of rhymes;
I’d grab him by the whiskers
And kiss him fifty times,
And on his back go riding
Beneath the fairy dome
And with a lot of playthings
Go running gayly home.

‘Tis then I think old Santa
Should up and go away
And in some other village
Put up his tent next day,
And then go on still farther,
And farther still and still
To let all lovely children
Their great big stockings fill.

‘Twould then be always Christmas,
All musical with joy
And bending tree and turkey
And hobby horse and toy,
For while upon his travels
Old Santa’d scatter cheer;
He’d make a Christmas somewhere
Each day throughout the year.

— Woman’s Home Companion.

The Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Dec 21, 1901

Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Dec 16, 1911

Song of the Christmas Shopper

December 15, 2011

Image from Chuckman’s Collection


I’ve finished my Christmas shopping,
I’ve squandered my last red sou;
My wallet’s flat,
But I don’t mind that,
For thank the Lord, I’m through.
I’ve bought all the things I’ve listed,
And a dozen or more beside;
Twas a shame and a sin,
How I blew in,
My coin this glad Yuletide.
My corn is about to kill me,
And my joints are still and sore;
My back feels lame,
And my weary frame,
Will ached for a week or more.
I’ve finished my Christmas shopping,
I’ve got all I’m going to get,
By I gravely doubt,
Had my roll held out,
If I would have been through yet.

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 22, 1923

Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Dec 15, 1911