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Cupid’s Bad Aim

April 4, 2012

THROUGH days of Lent,
On sport intent,
Dan Cupid fashioned arrows,
And every day
His aim, they say,
He practiced on the sparrows.

Now, days of Lent
Myrtilla spent
In projects for adorning
A costly hat
Of splendor that
She’d wear on Easter morning.

Thus Cupid and Myrtilla planned
And toiled through Lenten weather
Till Easter day,
When, on the way
From church, they came together.

And Cupid laughed
And aimed a shaft
With skill and swiftness laden;
But, lo, the dart
Found not the heart,
But the headgear of the maiden!

“Ho, ho!” she cried
With saucy pride,
“You did it very neatly!
My hat was bare,
Your arrow there
Becomes it most completely.”

But, filled with shame
At wretched aim
And practice unavailing,
The pretty boy,
Bereft of joy,
Before her stood bewailing.

Then to his side
She stepped and cried:
“Cheer up, you silly Cupid!
That Love is blind
I’ve heard — I find
That Love is only stupid.

“Your skillful eye
Did aim awry,
‘Tis true, but what of that, sir?
If you were smart
You’d know my heart
Is in my Easter hat, sir!”

And Cupid smiled,
With joy beguiled,
And through the April weather
And meadows fair
That precious pair
Went o’er the hills together.

— San Francisco Call.

Lawton Constitution and Morning Press (Lawton, Oklahoma) Apr 23, 1908

What Will You Be Wearing Easter Sunday?

April 4, 2012

1920 — Neiman’s Easter Dress Selection

An Easter coat offered by Gordon’s in 1922

Wow! In 1924, Clark W. Thompson Co. was selling these pretty numbers.

Easter time in New Castle, PA must have been rather chilly in 1925. These outfits/coats were being sold by New Castle Dry Goods Co. — I bet the Dry Goods was THE place to shop for everything fashionable in those days!

For 1926, the “all-important” Easter Hat, take your pick!

Straw hats were all the rage in 1932 —  Or just a good bargain?

Stripes were trendy in 1934, at least at Johnson Hill’s.

Gotta have shoes to go with the Easter stripes. I bet the fashionistas rushed over to the Davis Shoe Co. to get themselves a pair of these.

A little something for the men in 1938.  After buying their wives’ outfits, they probably only had enough to spring for straw hats for themselves.

Fast forward to 1967. Hats (bonnets) — still an Easter must-have!

And flashback to 1907, when Silk and Mixture Walking  and Dress Skirts were on sale for Easter.