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Only a Working Girl

July 24, 2012

Image from Cool Chicks from History


She’s only a working girl, busy each day
In gaining her portion of bread;
Her mother is old and infirm, so they say,
Her father, they tell me, is dead.
And there, at her window, I see her employed —
I glance at her morning and night,
And I think that without her the earth would be void
Of much of its beauty and light.

She’s only a working girl, seeking to send
A brother through college, I hear;
May the angels her deeds of devotion befriend
And crown her endeavor with cheer
More strength to her hands and more warmth to her heart!
May the clouds never darken her sun,
And duty and beauty, in Love’s magic art,
Forever be wedded as one.

She’s only a working girl, Chance has decreed
She must dwell with the lowly on earth;
And yet she is rarer in thought and in deed
Than the queenliest princess of earth.
And I would she might know that her beautiful life,
Though shadowed with want and with care,
Has been, in the midst of my toil and my strife,
A hope and a song and a prayer.

— Nixon Waterman, in L.A.W. Bulletin.

Middletown Daily Argus (Middletown, New York) Feb 14, 1898


July 23, 2012



Employment! employment!
Oh, that is enjoyment!
There’s nothing like “something to do;”
Good heart-occupation
Is health and salvation;
A secret that’s known to but few.

Ye listless and lazy!
Ye heavy and hazy!
Give hearts, hands, and feet full employment;
Your spirits twill cheer up,
Your foggy brains clear up,
And teach you the real enjoyment.

The lilies, they toil not,
They drudge not, and moil not,
And yet they are cared for, ’tis true;
But the lily, in beauty,
Fulfills its whole duty;
E’en lilies have something to do;

“They sow not, they spin not,”
‘Tis true, but they sin not;
They work, uncomplaining, God’s will;
Their work never hasting,
Their time never wasting,
The laws of their nature fulfill.

Ye hands white as lilies,
Remember God’s will is,
“Whoso doth not work shall not eat;”
‘Tis heart-occupation
Prevents heart-starvation;
Wouldst thou the great Lawgiver cheat!

Then up, man and woman!
Be godlike —- be human!
To self and to nature be true!
Employment! employment!
Oh, that is enjoyment!
There’s nothing like “something to do.”

Allen County Democrat (Lima, Ohio) Jul 19, 1856

Hard to Believe

May 30, 2012

Image from Appin of Yesteryear

Hard to Believe.

A station master requested an increase of salary and threatened to leave if he didn’t get it.

The superintendent replied to his request by relating a story.

“When I was a young man,” said he, “I once did as you are doing — I told the superintendent of the line I was then working on what you have told me. He refused my demand and I left, and would you believe it — that railway line is running yet?”

— London Tit-Bits.

Chillicothe Morning Constitution (Chillicothe, Missouri) Mar 2, 1892