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Censor Fox Trot?

August 24, 2012

Censor Fox Trot? Never! It Keeps Flapper Slender

A “Delayed Resolution” in Music Thins Stoutest When Taken With New Dances.

New York City. — Too fat? Lots of people are — but not many have the thrilling experience of Fanny Watson, who awoke one morning to find herself getting thinner and getting paid for it.

Fanny does a stunt with her sister in vaudeville, and of course she’s always adding new quirks and turns to her act. The other day she — but let her tell it.

“Of course I knew I was too fat,” she admits frankly, “but I was lazy — like a lot of women. I hated exercise and I loathed dieting. So I went on my sugary, near-obese way until that glad morning when my dress bands began to overlap and I had the merry whim to get weighed. Maybe you won’t believe it, but as near as I could figure I had lost ten pounds in two weeks!

Finds Reducing Painless.

“I wasn’t going into a decline, that was evident, for I looked and felt better than I had for ages, but I consulted a doctor anyway and he explained the whole thing.

“It was my new act, a burlesque fox trot to ‘Stealing’ sung by my little sister, Kitty. I say ‘burlesque’ but I really mean exaggerated because there was nothing burlesque about the effort I put into my trotting, and according to the doctor, that effort was literally ‘stealing’ away my pounds.

Delayed Resolution Does It.

“‘You cover a mile and a quarter in every 20 minutes you fox trot,” he explained, ‘and if you have a song with a constantly recurring delayed resolution, you’ll get a certain agitation that keeps you constantly on the go all the time you’re dancing.’

“Well, I never heard of delayed resolution before, but ‘Stealing’ has it all right. We tested it to see. Everytime Kittye starts:

‘Stealing, stealing, with your eyes appealing,
There’s a tender feeling in my heart for you’

I figure off goes another pound. That’s why one part of my act won’t be changed for many months.

“My friends say I’m the luckiest woman in the world. Instead of torturing myself to get thin, I draw my salary for painless reducing!”

The Davenport Democrat and Leader (Davenport, Iowa) May 17, 1922

Audio recording from the Library of Congress:

Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra

The sheet music with lyrics from the Indiana State University – Cunningham Memorial Library: