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Flapper Fanny’s Fabulous New Frocks

July 8, 2011


Go Shopping with “Flapper Fanny”
Here She Is With Her New Pajamas and Next She’ll Dress for Her Shopping Tour;
Be Sure to Save the Sketch of “Flapper Fanny”

Get Mother’s scissors and your colored crayons and let’s help “Flapper Fanny,” popular newspaper feature star, pick out her new wardrobe. Of course you must shop carefully with “Flapper Fanny,” for she is known for her smart apparel quite as much as her smart sayings. To help you out, Gladys Parker, artist who draws “Flapper Fanny,” has designed six complete, brand new costumes for her and suggests color combinations for them.

First, paste the above figure of “Flapper Fanny” and the standard on heavy cardboard, and cut out carefully. Fold the standard on the dotted line and paste the smaller section to the back of the doll.

Next color “Flapper Fanny’s” cheeks pink, her hair brown and her lips very red. Now color the one-piece pajamas that just came from the store. The trousers are of green velvet and the full-sleeved blouse of yellow taffeta. Then cut them out and fold as indicated. You’ll find they just fit “Flapper Fanny.” Next you must dress her for her shopping tour.

Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah) Nov 16, 1932


Here’s a bright new dress, sent out from the store, and just the thing for “Flapper Fanny” to wear on her shopping tour. She likes pretty clothes so color this little frock to look like a bright red woolen one. The full-sleeved little lapin jacket is brown and so are the tie and belt. “Flapper Fanny’s” little beret matches her dress, so make it a red one too. When the whole costume is ready, cut it out and fit it onto your paper doll “Flapper Fanny.”

Now she’s ready for her shopping tour.

Next she will pick out a pretty school dress.

Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah) Nov 17, 1932


Here we are, shopping with “Flapper Fanny” and first of all she wants a school dress. So let’s have her try on this guimpe dress. Color the dress itself a deep blue and the guimpe white, leaving the bow and buttons black. Cut it out, now, and slip it onto little “Flapper Fanny.”

Doesn’t she look like a model little school girl? Right into her new wardrobe goes this dress!

Watch for the smart new dinner dress which “Flapper Fanny” will select tomorrow.

Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah) Nov 18, 1932


“FLAPPER Fanny,” just like you, loves to play “grown-up.” So she must have a long dress that will make her look like a full-grown lady. And here it just the one! With your crayons, make the dress light blue, with the shining collar just a shade or two deeper or even a pink. Be sure “Flapper Fanny’s” cheeks are nice and red and her lips too.

For you want her new wardrobe to look just beautiful on her.

Tomorrow “Flapper Fanny” will pick out a lovely party dress.

Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah) Nov 19, 1932


OF course at parties you must look your best — and so must “Flapper Fanny.” And she most certainly will in this pretty evening dress she finds in the store today. Gladys Parker, who draws “Flapper Fanny,” suggests you use your crayons to color the dress light blue, leaving the cape white, for it is white fur. Now dress your “Flapper Fanny” doll in it.

A very stylish miss, isn’t she?

Tomorrow she will select a “Sunday — go-to-meetin’ ” coat and it must be as smart as the rest of her wardrobe.

Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah) Nov 20, 1932


FOR “Sunday-go-to-meetin’ ” “Flapper Fanny” deserves to look her best. It was a lucky moment when the saleslady brought out this gray coat with a great big fur collar that any girl would love. With your crayons, color the coat and then put some gay color into the bow tie. Cut out the dress and you’ll have “Flapper Fanny” all ready and waiting for the rest of the family.

If you have saved all the cutouts, “Flapper Fanny” now has a stylish new wardrobe.

Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah) Nov 21, 1932

Flapper Fanny’s Tickled with New Wardrobe

June 29, 2011


Now You Can Dress ‘Flapper Fanny’ in Her New Outfit

Right in keeping with the spirit of spring, “Flapper Fanny,” popular newspaper feature star, has a brand-new wardrobe. And what an outlay of wearing apparel it is. An evening gown, an afternoon dress, a spring suit, a warm weather coat, some lounging pajamas and a printed chiffon dress.

No wonder the young lady is tickled. And you should be tickled, too, for “Flapper Fanny” wants you to color her costumes. Hence we are going to give them to you in the form of “Flapper Fanny” paper dolls .  .  .  a trim little figure of “Flapper Fanny” and six costumes.

All you need do, is borrow mother’s scissors, and get out your colored crayons .  .  .  then cut out and color “Flapper Fanny” and all of her garments. First, paste the above figure on cardboard, and cut out carefully. Fold the standard on the dotted line and paste the smaller section to the back of the doll.

Next, color “Flapper Fanny’s” cheeks pink, and pick out the colors you like best for the garment she is wearing, and for her evening gown. Now, try the gown on the young lady. Then watch for another spring costume, tomorrow.

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Apr 9, 1936

‘Flapper Fanny’ Picks Out Striking Afternoon Gown

IN the spring a young girl’s fancy .  .  .  if she togs out in an afternoon dress such as this one, which “Flapper Fanny” picked as part of her spring outfit. It surely lends itself to color Nave blue skirt, red patent leather belt, red kerchief and yellow blouse for instance. But, use your own judgment. Just get out your crayons and color the dress as you see fit. Then try it on your “Flapper Fanny” paper doll. Tomorrow we will give you “Flapper Fanny’s” spring suit.

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Apr 10, 1936

This New Spring Suit Just Suits ‘Flapper Fanny’

NOTHING suits a girl in the spring better than a nice, new spring suit. “Flapper Fanny” is proud of this one .  .  .  and can you blame her? Very neatly tailored, we’d say, and very fitting as part of “Flapper Fanny’s” spring outfit. Imagine how nice it would look colored blue, with a yellow blouse. Or, maybe you can think of a better color scheme. Color the garment any way you wish .  .  .  then try it on your “Flapper Fanny” paper doll. And watch for “Flapper Fanny’s” spring coat. It will appear tomorrow.

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Apr 11, 1936

‘Flapper Fanny’s’ New Coat Is Last word in Style

CLASS will tell. This spring coat, for example. It’s classy, and it tells you that “Flapper Fanny” used rare judgment in picking it as part of her spring outfit. We can imagine the garment in several colors .  .  .  gray, for instance, with a splash of color on the flowers at the neck. Perhaps you prefer green, or blue. Crayon the coat to suit yourself. Then slip it on your “Flapper Fanny” paper doll. Oh-o-o! We just peeked into “Flapper Fanny’s” closet and found a beautiful afternoon dress. It will appear tomorrow.

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Apr 13, 1936

This Printed Chiffon Dress Becomes ‘Flapper Fanny’

ON a Sunday afternoon .  .  .  or any afternoon, for that matter .  .  .  who is the girl who doesn’t like to step out in a smart, bright new spring dress? Well  .  .  .  it isn’t “Flapper Fanny!” She loves even the thought of it. That’s why this dress was included in her spring outfit. It is printed chiffon, and what an opportunity for color. Dots of green, violet, blue and yellow are certain to be attractive. It should be real fun coloring this dress with your crayons. The final costume in “Flapper Fanny’s” spring outfit  .  .  .  lounging pajamas  .  .  .  will appear tomorrow.

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Apr 14, 1936

Lounging Pajama Complete ‘Flapper Fanny’s’ Outfit

“FLAPPER FANNY” is very proud of the lounging pajamas she picked to complete her spring outfit. And rightly so, we think. They look the last word in comfort .  .  .  and that’s a comforting thought. Imagine them in aquamarine crepe. Or, perhaps your imagination runs to some other color. Crayon them as you please. And then, with the five other garments, you have “Flapper Fanny’s” complete spring outfit. Try each one on the young lady and see in which one you think she looks best.

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Apr 15, 1936

*  *  *  *  *

A New Feature

Flapper Fanny Says

Begins in The News today. It is a two column cartoon which will contain a trite saying each day.

The News (Frederick, Maryland) Jan 26, 1925

*  *  *  *  *

Note the two column Flapper Fanny (Jan 1925) quickly downsized to a one column (Mar 1925.) Flapper Fanny.

A few (O.K., several) samples of the Flapper Fanny comic from various years:

Girls used to marry to get a husband. Now they marry to get a divorce.

The News (Frederick, Maryland)  – Jan 27, 1925

A kiss has a funny way of getting back to its originator.

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Mar 2, 1925

When a wife mends a hole in her husband’s pocket, he’s usually appreciative enough to wonder how she knew it was there.

Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) Nov 2, 1925

The first-year-of-married-life-biscuits are the hardest.

Reno Gazette (Reno, Nevada) Jul 2, 1928

It isn’t always a brilliant child who is considered too smart.

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Jun 7, 1929

Girls who wear stripes attract attention all along the line.

Modesto Bee and Herald (Modesto, California) Jul 28, 1933

In the old days girls would have gotten a good dressing down for the way they dress up now.

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Jun 19, 1936

“No, you can’t read my diary! It wouldn’t interest you, anyway — it’s mostly about boys you don’t know.”

Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) Jul 6, 1939

“Wonder why we haven’t seen any robins yet?”

“Guess they know the early bird catches a cold.”

Cumberland Evening Times – Mar 14, 1940