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Goat Getters

December 5, 2012

Goat-Getters - The Frederick Post MD 24 May 1927

On the Trail of the Straight Silhouette

Goat-Getters 2 - The Frederick Post MD 24 May 1927

On One of Her Detours!

The Frederick Post (Frederick, Maryland) May 24, 1927

Uncle Sam’s Larder

November 12, 2012

EVERY State has its favorite dish, for which it has gained culinary fame. No other country in the world produces a greater variety of food than the United States. If your appetite is jaded, if it demands something different, then consult the map for some new ideas. A study of this map will be a revelation of the remarkable resources of Uncle Sam’s larder.

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Nov 26, 1933

Tiresome to a Pig

June 13, 2012

Says Puffy: “I am yearning for a little garden plot;
I long to raise a mess of beans and cook them in a pot.
It always come to me in spring — that old desire to dig —
This thing of living out of cans is tiresome to a pig.”

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Apr 6, 1931