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End of Mike Young, Desperado and Horse Thief

April 19, 2012

Image from the South Fork Companion


McPHERSON, KAN., April 24. — Mike Young, a noted desperado and horse thief from Montana, was wanted for a long time by the authorities of Mitchell, Rice, Ellsworth and Reno Counties, for numerous crimes. Finally a reward of $100 was offered by the authorities, and Sheriff Frank McGrath, of Mitchell County, took the case in hand.

He followed the desperado for two weeks till he had located him near the farm of Frank Wauth, a respectable farmer, to whose daughter the young outlaw was engaged. The Sheriff succeded in getting a letter addressed to the young lady in question, announcing the desperado’s arrival and making arrangements for an elopement. Mr. McGrath then entered the house of Mr. Wauth under an assumed name, pretending to be a Missouri farmer looking for land, and waited two days for his game.

On the evening of the second day April 18, between six and seven p.m., a boy entered the house bringing a message from Young that he wished to see the girl. The Sheriff remarked:

“Why don’t he come himsef like a gentleman.”

The messenger departed and a few minutes later the desperado rode up to the house on one of his stolen horses. As soon as the desperado entered the house, Sheriff McGrath covered him, holding in his left hand a 44-caliber Colt’s and in his right an American bulldog revolver.

As he exclaimed: “Mike Young I have a warrant for you, hold up your hands!” the desperado tried to reach his pistol pocket. The Sheriff called once more to him to hold up his hands, and as he did not obey the second time he fired with his left hand, hitting the outlaw on his forehead right above the eyebrows. As the man fell he dropped a 44 caliber Colt’s revolver.

The dead outlaw stood six feet two in his boots. His last crimes were the theft of five horses stolen inside of two weeks; amongst them were a fine pair of mares belonging to the father of his sweetheart.

The Atchison Globe (Atchison, Kansas) Apr 24, 1885