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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

December 13, 2012

Rain - San Antonio Express TX - 11 Dec 1963

San Antonio Express (San Antonio, Texas) Dec 11, 1963

Rain  - The Chronicle Telegram - Elyria OH 18 Nov 1931

The Chronicle Telegram (Elyria, Ohio) Nov 18, 1931

Rain - Chile - Troy Record NY 17 Dec 1962

Troy Record (Troy, New York) Dec 17, 1962

Rain - Golf - The Chronicle Telegram - Elyria OH 5 Dec 1928

The Chronicle Telegram (Elyria, Ohio) Dec 5, 1928

Rain - South Korea - Lima News OH 18 Sep 1950

Lima News (Lima, Ohio) Sep 15, 1950

Rockefeller and his Modish Gloves

December 9, 2011

Despite his 92 years, John D. Rockefeller is a familiar figure on his golf course at Ormond Beach, Fla., where this most recent photo was made. It is interesting to recall that Mr. Rockefeller retired as president of Standard Oil company almost exactly 20 years ago, December, 1911.

The aged magnate takes his golf seriously and would not dream of missing his daily round. Note the modish split-back gloves and carefully water-proofed golf shoes.

The Times Recorder (Zanesville, Ohio) Dec 17, 1931

The Golf Crow

August 20, 2011

Image from Tampa Bay News


The crow has humor. Now and then
I’m sure he laughs aloud
Seeing the foolishness of men
Who seem so very proud.

For yesterday I know that he
Gave me a hoarse guffaw
As perched upon a towering tree
My fit of rage he saw.

That inky bird with humor keen
Unquestionably hissed
Because upon the eighteenth green
A two-foot putt I missed.

I know those little beady eyes
That moment flashed with glee
As he let loose those jeering cries
To mock the pride of me.

“Haw-haw!” he shrieked, “If trifles small
Can trouble mortals so,
Give me a life ‘mid pine trees tall
I’d rather be a crow!”

(Copyright, 1931, Edgar A. Guest)

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Sep 18, 1931