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More TARIFFic Poetry

January 9, 2009
Grover Cleveland - Benjamin Harrison

Grover Cleveland - Benjamin Harrison

Campaign Propaganda:

[Air — “Benney Havens, O.”]
The Free Trade, Bourbon parrot cry, “The tariff is a tax,”
Cannot be made to tally with the cold and frozen facts.
Our everyday experience is, things never were so low,
As since the Grand Old Party made the tariff all the go
Made the tariff all the go, made the tariff all the go.
As since the Grand Old Party made the tariff all the go.

It may be well for England, late “mistress of the seas,”
To fight for pauper labor — a political disease
But Uncle Sam’s dominions, now, are not the proper place
To flaunt this British doctrine in the Yankee workman’s face.

Our wage earning boys well know that Bourbon Free Trade means
Conditions here precisely same as foreign daily scenes.
They know that competition with redundant Europ’s hordes
Would drag our workmen to the plane of that controlled by lords.

The thirsty Bourbons never were so hungry and so lean;
The equal of their fight for “pap” has never yet been seen;
But Cockran, Sickles, Flower, Hill — all say “Grove” cannot win,
Til useless for the boys to part with any of their tin.

Our Yankee nation, though yet young, the bottle has put by,
As one among the nations grand her mission is to try
To elevate her masses all — make men and women free,
Through well paid Labor, Tariff, Schools and Reciprocity.

The Free Trade disciple who lives on Buzzard’s bay
Cannot again be president, the tariff boys all say;
And they mean “biz,” you better bet, they’re in the proper mood,
To send him up Salt river to “innocuous desuetude.”

Our Benny is the boy they want, the boy they mean to have,
His term has been a great success, wise, fl??, and true and brave;
The business men and laborers, too, will, we are sure, “stand pat”
For Harrison, Protection and our old Grandfather’s Hat
Our old Grandfather’s Hat, our old Grandfather’s Hat,
For Harrison, Protection and our old Grandfather’s Hat.
–Buffalo Express.

Trenton Times, The (Trenton, New Jersey)  Aug 3, 1892


An interesting note: When googling the “Buffalo Express,” I discovered that Mark Twain was once part owner and editor of the paper, although many years before this poem/song was published in it:

In Western New York, Twain sharpened his writing abilities as editor of The Buffalo Express newspaper. His co-editor at The Express was Joseph Larned, with whom he often collaborated on articles and columns. Larned, a lifelong friend to Twain, subsequently became director of the library in Buffalo in 1877.

Twain in Buffalo

Keep it Under Your Hat!

Keep it Under Your Hat!

The Grover Cleveland Virtual Exhibit has pictures of various memorabilia related to the campaign and his presidency. If you want to see close-ups of the pictures under these campaign hats, which are very neat, click the link.

The whole “hat thing” was quite prominent during this election. I will be posting another piece of propaganda featuring hats soon.