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A Century to Come

July 22, 2012

A Century to Come.

Who’ll press for gold our crowded streets,
A century to come?
Who’ll tread our churches with willing feet
A century to come?
Pale, trembling age and fiery youth,
And childhood with its brow of truth,
The rich and poor on land and sea —
Where will the mighty millions be
A century to come?

We all within our graves shall sleep,
A century to come;
No living soul for us will weep,
A century to come,
And other men our lands will till,
And others then our streets will fill,
And others shout and sing as gay,
And bright the sunshine as to-day,
A century to come.

— Dr. Gustavus Haas, in N.Y. Ledger.

Daily Republican (Decatur, Illinois) Apr 2, 1895