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An Irish Ghost Story

March 16, 2012

An Irish Ghost Story.

[St. James Gazette.]

A remarkable case was heard on Saturday in Dublin. Mr. Waldron, a solicitor’s clerk, sued his next-door neighbor, who was a mate in the merchant service, named Kiernan, to recover £500 damages for injuries done to his house by, as he alleged, the defendant and his family. Kiernan denied the charges, and asserted that Waldron’s house was haunted, and that the acts complained of were done by spirits or some person in plaintiff’s place.

Evidence for the plaintiff was to the effect that every night, from August to January, his hall-door was continually being knocked at, and his windows broken with stones, which came from the direction of the defendant’s premises. Mrs. Waldron swore that one night she saw one of the panes of glass in the window cut through with a diamond, and a white hand inserted through the hole so made in the glass. She caught up a billbook and aimed a blow at the hand, cutting one of the fingers completely off; the hand was then withdrawn, but on her examining the place she could find neither the finger nor any traces of blood.

On another occasion the servant, hearing mysterious knockings, fell down with fright, upsetting a pail of water over herself. Mr. Waldron armed himself with a rifle and revolver, and brought a detective into the house, while several policemen watched outside. They, however, could find nothing.

Kiernan’s family, on being accused of causing the noises, denied it, suggested it was the work of ghosts, and advised the Waldrons to send for a Roman Catholic clergyman to rid the house of its terrors. A police constable swore that one evening he saw Waldron’s servant kicking the door with her heels at about the time the rapping usually commenced. Chief Justice Morris said the affair suggested the performances of the Davenport Brothers or Maskelyne and Cook. It was quite inexplicable from the absence of motive, and remained shrouded in the mysterious uncertainty of the man with the Iron mask, the authorship of the Junius Letters, or Why Anderson Left Dycer’s.

The jury found for the defendant.

Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas) Mar 23, 1885


October 30, 2011

Image from The Dead End Hayride website

A Hallowe’en party was fired into in a cornfield at Newark, New Jersey, by a farmer, and a seventeen-year-old boy was killed. The farmer gave himself up and is nearly crazy. The party frightened him.

The Mountain Democrat (Placerville, California) Nov 19, 1898

I heard of some musical mice the other day that had so “hoodooed” a cottage that the people living near moved away and told wondrous uncanny stories of the pretty little house. It was the country home of some wealthy San Francisco people. Soon after their return to their city home for the winter a couple of years ago, their sixteen-year-old daughter died.

Then the neighbors commenced hearing all sorts of mysterious sounds. They even declared the spirit of the girl wandered through the house and then finally sat down to the piano and played some of the tunes she had loved in life. They could hear them distinctly and recognized the old songs. After a time the music ceased, but the restless spirit still continued to wander through the cottage and the same terrifying and ghostly sounds were heard. So much for imagination.

The following summer the family returned and threw wide the doors of the haunted cottage and let the sunshine in. Then the piano cover was lifted and the mystery was solved. Out scampered a score of mice. The piano was ruined. They took from it a number of nests of whole families of baby mice and an even one hundred pounds, actual weight, of maccaroni, vermacelli, rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, and scores of other things. The piano was crammed full. No wonder it gave forth no sound. The only mystery to the family about their haunted cottage was how in the world the mice managed to squeeze into the piano their family larder, having been so excellently provided for.

The Mountain Democrat (Placerville, California) Nov 19, 1898

Spooks Take House; 8 Policemen Quail

Moans, Raps and Other Mysterious Noises Startle Bluecoats Who Stay in Haunted Cottage.

Gary, Ind., Jan. 18. Eight policemen of this place are convinced, after having made a personal investigation, that a certain small cottage a mile from Toliston, near here, is the abiding place of a genuine ghost. The squad of officers came to this decision this morning after having spent a night of terror in the haunted house.

Moans, raps and other sounds continued in a mysterious manner throughout the night, the officers say. Until two months ago the house was vacant. Then a family moved in. Wails and sounds of a struggle have nightly disturbed the new tenants and they called upon the police to investigate.

Several years ago a farm hand committed suicide in the cottage.

San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Texas) Jan 18, 1909


BROOKFIELD, Mo. — A new variety of “ghost” was revealed at the Country club here when some-one screwed up enough courage to go into an unoccupied “haunted” cottage. Investigation proved that a woodpecker had been the cause of all the alarm. The bird had died of starvation but the evidence indicated he had fallen into the chimney and then worked his way into the stove thru the stove-pipe. After days of pecking he had worked his way out of the stove.

Lima News (Lima, Ohio) Aug 15, 1928