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Smoke Out the Cholera

October 3, 2012

Smokers have now a good excuse for using the weed. Doctor Wenck, professor of the Imperial Institute of Berlin, has made the discovery that smokers are relatively immune to certain epidemic diseases, especially cholera. He claims that tobacco smoke rapidly kills the cholera germs.

Can’t somebody help the whiskey guzzler out in similar manner?

Chicago Livestock World (Chicago, Illinois) Feb 26, 1913

Smoke a Lucky Instead of Over-Eating

October 2, 2012


Toledo News-Bee: Somewhere in Ohio a movement has started which seeks to have all cigaret packages labeled with skull and crossbones. Congress is to be asked to treat cigaret as poison and labeled accordingly.

This kind of fighting is a waste of power. With so many heavier evils confronting mankind, with so many things in this interesting world – fighting against, why bother with tobacco?

And doubtless as many people are seriously hurt by over-eating as over-smoking. Others are hurt by over-worry about trivial matters — such as smoking.

Mason City Gazette (Mason City, Iowa) Oct 17, 1929

Strawberry Insanity

August 3, 2012


Fruit Causes Irritating Rash, Which Has Resulted in Mental Derangement.

Waterbury (Conn) Dispatch New York Herald

Thousands of persons in this city, Naugatuck, Beacon Falls, Seymour, Torrington and Thomaston are suffering from a rash or from rheumatism, which, physicians say, is caused by eating strawberries.

The rash resembles eczema in some cases and psoriasis in others. It causes intense itching, and some persons, unable to sleep or to obtain relief, have become temporarily insane.

Those afflicted with rheumatism say that a few hours after eating the berries they began to have sharp pains in the muscles of the back and limbs. Several persons thought they had suffered a paralytic stroke.

Dr. Frank J. Tuttle, medical examiner of Naugatuck, is one of the victims, and a dozen other physicians are afflicted. They attribute the epidemic to the eating of strawberries from the South that were green when shipped and ripened after arrival here. They say that such berries contain an uncommonly large quantity of acid, which causes rheumatism in persons susceptible thereto and a rash in others.

The Washington Post (Washington, D.C.) Jun 8, 1915


Sulkiness, Rash and Headache Caused by It — Safety Limit Twelve.

Hygenists who delight in raising alarms against popular foods are now tilting against strawberries, says a London special cable dispatch to the New York Sun. These are accused of having a bad effect upon the tempers of their eaters, who, it is alleged, become sulky and irritable after eating them.

A hygenist is quoted as saying that ladies are particularly susceptible in this respect. Some of them will eat a pound or more of strawberries at a time and then become so morose that people are glad to avoid them.

The fact is, they are physically ill without knowing it. They are suffering from the strawberry disease, the symptoms of which are slight dizziness, a desire to be alone and intolerance of being questioned.

The strawberries which have the worst effect are large mashy ones. The small kinds, with seeds on the surface, are usually harmless. The trouble is ascribed to the strawberry acids, which cream does not mollify. Indeed, the fruit is more wholesome without cream or sugar, and nobody should eat more than a dozen at a time.

Eustace Miles, the tennis player, as a vegetarian dietist confirms the danger to some persons from strawberries. He says they contain three acids, phosphoric, sulphuric and silicic. He believes that the last named causes the trouble. In addition to irritability, sufferers have strawberry rash and strawberry headache.

The News (Frederick, Maryland) Jun 11, 1907