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Launch of the Ohio 74

November 19, 2009

From the N.Y. Evening Post.


Behold the stately pond’rous ship,
High on the rocks, Majestic tow’rs!
To move her from her station there,
Would seem beyond all human pow’rs;
Yet she is destin’d soon to ride,
Upon the bosom of the tide.

Th’ appointed hour at length arrives,
And lo! the signal now is given;
When to her destin’d element,
With force resistless she is driven;
And never did the yielding wave,
A prouder, nobler freight receive.

Success attend thee, gallant ship,
Where’er thou may’st in future sail,
And may no force that ploughs the deep,
Against thee e’er in fight prevail;
And may thy sides of stubborn oak,
By no opposing foe be broke.

And should’st thou ere be doom’d to meet
Old JOHNNY BULL in dread array,
Thine Eagle shall pluck out his eyes,
Thy HERCULES,* his lion slay’
And ever shall OHIO ride,
Victorious on the swelling tide.


*The figure head of the Ohio is a Hercules wrapped in a lion’s skin.

Ohio Repository, The (Canton, Ohio) Jul 13, 1820