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Some Georgia Puns

July 29, 2009

Some Georgia Puns.
The “Rustler.” of The Cedartown Standard, is a good one. Hear him:

“A carpenter who’d long been blind —
Now on your fancy draw —
While passing through his shop one day,
Reached for a plane and saw.

“A ranchman who had been for years
So deaf that song of bird
Pierced not his ears, went out one day
With his sheep dog and herd.

“A wagon-maker who was dumb
One day the silence broke;
“Twas not a miracle — he stooped,
Picked up a hub and spoke.

“And an enormous elephant —
Largest I ever knew —
Although so heavy, thrust his trunk
Into a grate and flue.”

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) Oct 17, 1893