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The Races

July 17, 2012

Image from Brooklyn Before Now


How do the horses come round at the corner?
When eyes are all straining
To see which is gaining,
And far-distant humming
Grows louder and clearer — grows stronger and nearer.
“They’re off?” “They are coming!”,
“Who leads?” “Black and red!” “No”  “Green by head!”
“The Earl!” “No the lady!” “Typhoes looks shady!”
“Orion! Orion — To live or to die on!”
“Twenty pounds to a crown — On the Little Blue Gown!”
“I’ll venture my whole in — That colt by Tom Bowline!”
“Paul Jones?” “Roscrucian!”
“Green Sleeve!” “Restitution!”
“Le Sarrazin!” “Pace!”
“It’s Mercury’s race!
Then they come lashing, and slashing, and dashing,
Their colors all flashing like lightning-gleams gashing
The darkness, where, clashing, the thunder is clashing!
With whipping and thrashing,
With crowding and smashing,
With pressing and stirring,
With lifting and spurring,
With pulling and striving,
With pushing and driving,
With kicking and sporting,
With neighing and snorting,
With frisking and whisking,
With racing and chasing,
With straining and gaining,
With longing and thronging,
With lunging and plunging,
With fretting and sweating,
With bustling, and hustling and justling,
With surging, and urging, and scourging,
With rushing, and brushing, and crushing,
With scattering, and pattering, and clattering,
With hurrying, and scurrying, and flurrying and worrying,
With sliding, and gliding, and riding, and striding,
With crying, and flying, and shying, and plying,
With crying, and vieing, and trying, and hieing!
Till rapidly spinning,
The ranks quickly thinning,
The crowd is beginning,
To see which is winning.
Some faces grow brighter — and some grow forlorner;
And that’s how the horses come round at The Corner!

The Hillsdale Standard (Hillsdale, Michigan) Aug 4, 1868

Image from York’s Historical Connection