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Mutilated and Hanged by a Mob

September 27, 2010


Prisoner at Golden, Col., Mutilated and Hanged by a Mob

GOLDEN, Col., June 2. — Alexander McCurdy, who horribly mutilated his step-brother, Charles Berry, whom he suspected of intimacy with his wife last winter, was taken from jail this morning and lynched, after being subjected to the same treatment he gave Berry.

The sheriff gathered a possee and captured John Richwine and John Koch, two guards  put out by the lynchers. They are said to have given the names of all concerned in the lynching, and they will be arrested after the inquest which is now in progress.

McCurdy’s crime was a most revolting one. He assaulted Berry while the latter was asleep. He afterwards pickled the organs which he cut off and sent them to his wife in Indiana. He escaped, but was captured in Indiana some time afterwards, convicted of mayhem and sentenced to three years imprisonment. Berry meanwhile had recovered, and during the trial of McCurdy was with difficulty restrained from assaulting him. Berry was eighteen years old, and McCurdy about thirty.

The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) May 2, 1894


By Associated Press.]

GOLDEN (Colo.), June 2 — Alexander McCurdy, who horribly mutilated his step brother, Charles Berry, last winter, was this morning taken from jail and lynched, after being subjected to the same treatment he gave his victim. McCurdy was this week convicted of mayhem and yesterday sentenced to the penitentiary for three years, the full extent of the law.

At 2 o’clock twenty men aroused Alexander Kerr, the jailer, choked him, and taking the keys, went to McCurdy’s cell. He was dragged to the lawn in front of the building and probably died while this was being done, but his body was rushed down to Lakewood trestle, over Clear creek, and hanged. The sheriff has arrested John Richweine and John Koch, guards for the lynchers. They have given the names of all the others and the coroner’s jury is preparing warrants.

The Weekly Gazette and Stockman (Reno, Nevada)Jun 7, 1894



Alexander McCurdy was mutilated and hanged by a Colorado mob for a revolting crime.

The Evening News (Lincoln, Nebraska) Jun 4, 1894

Vogel Proved an Alibi.

GOLDEN, Colo., Nov 29. — George Vogel, one of the young men charged with the lynching of Alexander McCurdy last summer, has been found not guilty. His defense was an alibi. Five other citizens are yet to be tried on the same charge.

The Evening News (Lincoln, Nebraska) Nov 29, 1894

Miss Kelly Kicks

February 21, 2009



Because Mr. Black Walks with Another Lady on Marietta Street.

That portion of Marietta street, near Marion’s bar room, is gloating over a small sensation which happened about noon yesterday. The bar room is not invoiced among the first class saloons of the city, and it has for its customers men and women, both white and colored.

About the hour indicated above, Nancy Kelley, a young woman who resides in the first ward, entered the saloon and called for a whisky straight. Nancy is about twenty years of age, and has a pretty face which is pleasing to look upon. Her hair is of a golden hue and falls in great profusion about her shoulders, but all this does not prevent Nancy from loving rum.

As she called for her drink she threw a dime upon the counter, which the bar tender grabbed with one hand as he set out his vile stuff with the other. With the grip of an old toper Nancy seized the bottle, but just as she begain pouring her drink into the glass she dropped everything and made for the door. This was a departure for Nancy, and so excited the curiosity of the bar tender that he stepped to the door to ascertain what was the matter, but before he had half crossed the floor his ears were greeted with cries for help.

Springing through the door on to the pavement, the bar-keeper saw a man and woman engaged in a rough and tumble fight, while a neatly dressed young lady was standing near by crying as though her heart would break. The man the bar-keeper recognized as George Black and his combatant as Nancy Kelley.

All this his eyes took in at a glance, and then, with a yell for police, he began an effort to separate them, but this was no easy task, for every time he would lay his hand upon Nancy she would turn her attention to him in so forcible a manner as to cause him to beat a retreat. The call for police and Nancy’s loud swearing, as she belabored Black, soon drew Officer Abbott to the scene, and with the aid of other spectators he finally succeeded in separating the belligerants.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) Aug 24, 1882


Miss Kelly Kicks.

EDITORS CONSTITUTION: In your issue of the 24th inst., under the above caption, you speak of the difficulty between Miss Kelly and Mr. Black, and connect my place of business with it. I ask that you will allow me a small space in your paper to reply to and correct the error as to myself and employes as stated in said article.

First, as to what class saloon and family grocery I keep the public can invoice it as they choose. It is one that always has paid its bills when due, and gets credit when it asks for it.

As to Miss Kelly calling for a drink in my saloon, it is false. The difficulty with her and Black occurred in the street in front of my next door neighbor, and Black in his retreat run through my house of business and out at the back door down on the railroad, and Miss Kelly followed him in close pursuit. But neither of them stopped to ask you as take a drink.

Respectfully, S. MARION,
No. 282 Marietta street.

Georgia, Fulton County — Personally come before me S.D. Brady, who being sworn, says that the foregoing statement of S Marion as to Miss Kelly not getting a drink at his saloon on the 23d inst. is true.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this day, 25th,
N.P., Fulton County, Ga.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) Aug 26, 1882