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The Heckler’s Wool-Pulling Match

February 11, 2009
Pulling Wool

Pulling Wool

Sherman Heckler and wife had a wool-pulling match last Friday night in which Sherman got a handful of har pulled out and two black eyes. Sherman says Het is about to have her rights, regardless of the shade he carries over his optics; and Het says she will send him where the whang doodle mourneth, if he fools with her rights.

April 14th, 1884

Decatur Morning Review (Decatur, Illinois) Apr 18, 1884

*From Wikipedia:

A nudum pactum in Latin literally means ‘Bare or Naked Promise.’ In common law, it refers to a promise that is not legally enforceable for want of consideration. An example of a nudum pactum would be an offer to sell something without a corresponding offer of value in exchange. Since the offer has not been created with any consideration, it is gratuitous and treated as a unilateral contract. The offer is therefore revocable at any time by the offeror before acceptance by the offeree.