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Signs in the Heavens

June 6, 2010


Signs and Portents in the Heavens Which Have Caused a Frederick County Man to Prophesy.
Correspondence of THE NEWS.

The world is in a great commotion, great perplexities of the nations, and great preparations for war, and rebellion.

Besides all this, great signs and wonders have been shown in the heavens, and on the earth, but to enumerate them all would fill many pages; we will therefore only notice the most familiar ones, and then we will try to apply their meaning or significance. No less than seven comets have made their appearance in the last 5 years, and as comets are generally looked upon as the sign or token of war we will look up their history.

Now according to the best historians there have been 657 comets since the Christian Era and a war or revolution has almost universally followed the appearance of each, except the last seven which we will now notice.

Most of our readers recollect the bright comet that appeared in the summer of 1880 in the Northwest, standing only a short time, then another appeared near the same place which remained much longer. Now it is asserted on good authority that these two comets appeared directly over England and that the tail or trail of light pointed directly towards Egypt; now what did that mean? England sent her troops to Egypt, and a short but spirited fight ended the war. But soon a worse rebellion sprang up with the false prophet at the head, and where that war will end we can’t as yet tell, but according to the time that the second comet appeared the war is not yet over.

Now after these, and only about two years ago, a great comet appeared in the east, and it is asserted that it stood directly over the pyramids of Egypt a short time, then it moved west, and passed over us.

El Mahdi

Now notice two things; first where is started, and its gigantic proportions, also the movements of El Mahdi who in his fanaticism thinks that he is sent to subdue the world, and bring all under the Moslem religion. The latest statistics show that the Moslems, or Mohammedans, Buddhists and Pagans number one-half the inhabitants of the world. Now it is my opinion that El Mahdi will succeed in uniting the sons of Islam, and will gather them together to fight the great battle of Armageddon. With the combined force of the Moslem power he could easily conquer the nations of Europe, and take the ships of the nations, and come here to America. And in fact, the 38th chapter of Ezekiel warrants us in thinking so.

It is there stated the tribes that will comprise that great army, and they are of the Moslem faith and in the 8th and 16th verses we learn that it is to be in the latter days and they are to come like a storm into a land that has always been waste but that is brought forth out of the nations dwelling safely all of them in a land of inwalled villages to a people gathered out of the nations that have gotten cattle and goods and dwelling in the midst of the land. Now I would just ask what nation is there that was brought out of all nations but America? What county has been always waste, but this? What land has inwalled villages, and dwell safely in all of them?

The valley in which this great battle is to be fought in the valley of Passengers. What place answers to that but the Mississippi valley see chapter 39 11 verse. There is one consolation, that is that they will be over come and turned back. Now from a careful study of history, and the Bible, and a close observation of the signs of the times I am constrained to believe that we are living in the last days in which perilous times are to come.

In 1858 a comet appeared in the north which passed over to the south and stood a little over four months and on the 2nd day of September 1859 at 12 o’clock at night the sky became blood red south of us. The rebellion lasted a little over four years and the land was drenched with blood south of us. On the 2nd and 3rd of July 1862 a star stood over Getysburg with a long trail pointing towards Washington. In just one year on the day the great battle of Gettysburg was fought.

Now we have had similar signs shown only a couple of years ago. I beheld a curious sign at 2 o’clock in the morning. The sky was blood red and something rolled up like smoke; then vivid flashes of light in quick succession would follow then images like soldiers would march along the sky. One night a firey sheet was left down out of the sky then drawn up again, and many other signs were seen.

The 50th Psalm says our God will come and not keep silence. A fire shall devour before him and it shall be tempestious around about him. The reports of the terrible fires and distructive storms and tornadoes everywhere makes us feel as if the is nigh at hand.

I might say a great deal more but I would just ask, What does it all mean?


The News (Frederick, Maryland) Feb 25, 1885

Francis Calvin Renner was an inventor, businessman, farmer, New Midway Postmaster, and minister in the Church of the Brethren. He also managed the Rose Jelly Manufacturing Company of New Midway, Frederick County, Maryland, and was one of six directors of the Woodsboro and Double Pipe Creek Turnpike Company.

From the archives at the University of Maryland.

Above is the drawing from F.C. Renner’s door alarm improvement patent, 1878. I also found patents for a fertilizer improvement and one for improvement in automatic fans, dated 1876.

Alexander Graham Bell: Music To Your Ears

December 29, 2009

Alexander G. Bell (Image from

Music by Telegraph.

[From the Boston Traveller.]

The readers of the Traveller have been made acquainted with the wonderful inventions of Professor Bell, by which musical and vocal sounds can be and have been sent over the electric wires, but few if any are aware of the wonderful results which are sure to follow these improvements in telegraphy.

A few nights ago Professor Bell was in communication with a telegraphic operator in New York, and commenced experimenting with one of his inventions pertaining to the transmission of musical sounds. He made use of his phonetic organ and played the tune of “America,” and asked the operator in New York what he heard.

“I hear the tune of America,” replied New York; “give us another.”

Professor Bell then played Auld Lang Syne.

“What do you hear now?”

“I hear the tune of Auld Lang Syne, with the full chords, distinctly,” replied New York.

Thus, the astounding discovery has been made that a man can play upon musical instruments in New York, New Orleans, or London, or Paris, and be heard distinctly in Boston! If this can be done, why can not distinguished performers execute the most artistic and beautiful music in Paris, and an audience assemble in Music Hall, Boston, to listen?

Professor Bell’s other improvement, namely, the transmission of the human voice, has become so far perfected that persons have conversed over one thousand miles of wire with perfect ease, although as yet the vocal sounds are not loud enough to be heard by more than one or two persons. But if the human voice can now be sent over the wire, and so distinctly that when two or three known parties are telegraphing, the voices of each can be recognized, we may soon have distinguished men delivering speeches in Washington, New York or London, and audiences assembled in Music Hall, or Faneull Hall, to listen!

Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas) Jul 29, 1876


View Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers on the Library of Congress website.