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Etta Kett – Final Fashions for Your Paper Doll Cut-Outs

August 24, 2010

Was the editor of The Vidette Messenger surprised!

He hoped you young readers would like the Etta Kett cutout doll printed recently, but, goodness! he certainly didn’t expect to receive so many enthusiastic letters from so many of you asking that another Etta Kett doll with costumes be printed.

So, he’s happy to print another Etta Kett doll for you today with four new costumes, three of which are removable.

Just look at those pretty things to wear — that clever bathing suit, those darling pajamas, the little suit of shorts and shirt and that perfectly beautiful gown with handsome sash.

The editor hopes you like this Etta Kett cut-out as well as the other doll.

The Vidette Messenger (Valparaiso, Indiana) Jan 27, 1936

WELL, WELL, WELL! Here is Etta Kett that popular comic strip heroine, again. And she is presenting some of the new items in her spring wardrobe.

Paste the entire picture on this cardboard and then cut out the dresses and try them on Etta.

The editor of the Globe-Gazette has another Etta cut-out paper doll which he may publish if you write him and ask him to.

Mason City Globe Gazette (Mason City, Iowa) Mar 25, 1936

By 1937, the Etta Kett paper doll cut-out craze seems to be winding down. They are just running outfits, without the addition of the  updated Etta Kett dolls.

And one more:

And then, from the Mason City Globe of Apr 22, 1937,  their final Etta Kett cut-out doll:

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May 26, 2010

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More comics by Paul Robinson, the creator of Etta Kett.

Just Among Us Girls

March 3, 2010

Humor for girls, written/illustrated by a boy, haha.

Paul Robinson – Comic Strip Creator

March 2, 2010

Examples of his work can be found at

Here is one from 1942 with a wartime theme, of which there are several:

Swanky, Dandy, Trick and Chic: Etta Kett Paper Dolls are All the Rage

March 2, 2010

Etta Kett Paper Doll

Etta Kett Gets New Easter Clothes

Here is Etta Kett, our Paul Robinson cut-out paper doll and some of her new Easter clothes. When Etta joins the Easter parade she may have her choice of the cape dress with its fur collar in the left corner, or the dress at the right with the smart little jacket and fur scarf. This dress, you will see, has two jackets.

Lewiston Evening Journal – Apr 15, 1933

More Etta Kett

Another Etta Kett Cut-Out Doll

Famous Comic Strip Heroine Appears Again With Two Lovely New Costumes

Etta Kett cut-out paper dolls have proven such tremendous favorites with young readers of The Gazette that Paul Robinson, artist who draws the popular “Etta Kett” strip has decided to do another for you young readers.
Above is Etta in her very latest bathing suit, together with an up-to-the-minute stylish evening gown and also a gown and cape ensemble.

Berkeley Daily Gazette – Jun 1, 1935



If You Like This Doll Write to the Editor of The Gazette — He May Publish Another

CHILDREN — Isn’t this a dandy surprise for you?

Here’s a gift for you from Etta Kett, the sprightly young lady who amuses you and your parents every day in The Berkeley Gazette.

All you need do is cut out this Etta Kett doll and her two costumes, place the costumes on the figure of Etta (bending the dotted flaps back) and, there you are — a dandy paper doll to add to your toys.

Etta is here with three costumes that are right up to the minute in style. She’s wearing a chic bathing suit that’s the rage at southern beaches. Then there’s a very handsome ski suit for winter sports wear. And isn’t that a pretty dress for Etta to wear at parties?

Berkeley Daily Gazette – Oct 9, 1935


Demand of Fall Sports and Parties Adds to Famous Comic Character’s Wardrobe — Do You Like Her New Togs?

Isn’t Etta Kett the cutest thing in her trick little sports outfit? The tiny suspenders look so well with the polka dotted shirt that every grown-up little girl would love to have one of these outfits.

Mr. Paul Robinson, the Etta Kett artist, has also furnished Etta with a pull-over sweater to wear with this outfit — as you can see by looking in the upper left-hand corner.

Below it is a clever pajama set.

At right is a swanky, long-skirted party dress with coat (above it) to match.

Berkeley Daily Gazette – Oct 28, 1935


Etta Kett” paper dolls were created by Paul Robinson.