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The House That Jack “Donovan” Built

October 6, 2011


Mae Murray, film actress, was awarded $32,295 in her suit against Jack Donovan, screen cowpuncher and architect; shown standing before home over which suit centered. She charged she was inveigled into buying the home by soft organ music and that $50,000 paid was exorbitant price.

Miss Murray testified that Donovan played and sang Spanish melodies so entrancingly on her visit to the house that she paid much more than it was worth. —
International Newsreel photo.

Donovan resisted Miss Murray’s efforts to have the deed canceled and summoned Agnes Ayres, above, to tell of former’s delight at home.

Beautiful Pola Negri, though Mae’s sister-in-law by marriage, to the royal Mdvianis, was summoned to testify in behalf of the film cowboy-architect.

San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Texas) Jun 21, 1928