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Campaign Garbage

November 8, 2012

Think of the Money Invested in All This

Star- News (Pasadena, California) Nov 5, 1964

Barry’s World

September 24, 2012

The National Mood is Clear.

– Weary of Inflation –

– Crippled Dollar –

– Stock Market –

– Re-Runs! –

Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell, Montana) Aug 17, 1973

And Bumps in the Road!

Time to Butcher

September 12, 2012

The Crooked Union Boss

Times Record (Troy, New York) Apr 10, 1957

A Chiller

May 30, 2012

Northwest Arkansas Times (Fayetteville, Arkansas) Oct 1, 1963

The Blight on the Road to Recovery

February 15, 2012


Price Fixing and Inflation Schemes

Economic Law of Supply and Demand — How You Gonna Get Around That?

Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) Jan 10, 1933


Administration’s Economy Pledge – More Victors than Spoils

Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) Jan 20, 1933


Lagging Business Conditions – Maybe I’ll Get a Ride!

Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) Jan 11, 1933


Government Spending — Tax Relief Hopes

Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) Feb 4, 1933

All Together Now – Relief Legislation

January 25, 2012

Congress and President Hoover Under the Mistletoe

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 18, 1930

Unemployment and Drought Relief Problems

All Together Now!

“Our Country is To-Day Stronger and Richer in Resources, in Equipment, in Skill, Than Ever in History.”

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Dec 4, 1930

Packing the Supreme Court

December 21, 2011

Supreme Court Packing Case:

What About Some Future President with Dictatorship Ideas?

El Paso Herald-Post (El Paso, Texas) Mar 9, 1937

RUSH! – A Big Order for FDR:

Pack the Supreme Court

CONGRESS – “We didn’t ask for that!”

El Paso Herald-Post  (El Paso, Texas) Mar 16,  1937

Packing the Supreme Court

Patronage and the Vote

El Paso Herald-Post  (El Paso, Texas) Mar 22,  1937

Three Rousing Cheers for Approval!

While labor disputes and war continue.

El Paso Herald-Post  (El Paso, Texas)  Mar 29,  1937

Age of Miracles!

The Supreme Court Lays Golden Eggs!

El Paso Herald-Post  (El Paso, Texas) Apr 2,  1937

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

October 8, 2011

Archaic Regulations and Crushing Taxes

Albuquerque Tribune (Albuquerque, New Mexico) Jun 14, 1958

This Red Star Recording Will Make You Swoon

September 28, 2011


This little Red Star recording by The Kremlin Rhythm Rascals is the season’s top smash hit … You can’t resist this little number — You’ll shout … You’ll cheer, you’ll SWOON —- AND FALL RIGHT INTO LINE!

The Blizzard (Oil City, Pennsylvania) Mar 1, 1951

Machine Politics

September 21, 2011



The “People’s Choice.”

Common People

What are YOU going to do about it, Mr. Voter?

Albuquerque Morning Journal (Albuquerque, New Mexico) Sep 29, 1911