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Those Busy Travelers

March 12, 2012

Image from Penny PostcardsUSGenWeb

Those Busy Travelers.

In olden times we used to get
From friends who went away
A lengthy letter telling what
They did from day to day,
But now when they are on a trip
In token of regard
They send us just a sentence on
A picture postal card.

Mixed with our morning mail we get
A splendid view of Spain,
The photograph of some old friend
Snapped as he took the train,
The shadow of a mountain peak,
The outlines of the mint
Or some advice or merry jest
In bold, suggestive print.

The figure of a pretty girl
Upon a burro’s back
A tunnel or a mountain gorge
Crossed by a railroad track,
The freak production of a head
Upon a body small,
A field of cotton bursting wide
Or just a waterfall.

A panorama of the earth
From Texas to Japan,
A sort of moving picture show
That we may idly scan.
With just a scanty written line
As up and down the flit;
No letters in the pack unless
They want us to remit.

— Duncan M. Smith.

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Dec 2, 1910