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Columbus and the Egg

October 10, 2011

You doubtless have all heard the many references to the story of Columbus and the egg, so here is the true story as handed down the ages from Columbus’ own time.

After Columbus returned from his perilous voyage many of the couriers, who were jealous of him, taunted him with the words, “Anybody could have done what you did just by sailing steadily westward.”

“To be sure,” said the navigator, “but I’ll show you something you can’t do.” Calling for an egg, he asked them to make it stand steady on its smallest end.

They all tried, but all in vain. Then Columbus took a knife, and with a stroke flattened the end so that the egg stood firmly on the table.

“Oh,” cried the courtiers, “we did not know you meant us to di it that way. That’s easy.”

“Anything is easy if you know how,” answered Columbus; “so it is with the discovery of the new world.”

Children, think of Columbus and his men, with discouragement of the public, a poorly equipped fleet, and only a question-mark way off on the horizon to respond to the anxious “wither?”

October 12, 1492, should be emblazoned on every American mind, and the name COLUMBUS should be synonymous with courage, valor, daring and greatness.

Edwardsville Intelligencer (Edwardsville, Illinois) Nov 10, 1915



My first is the World Columbus reached
When he sailed out West from the old;
My second is what Columbus did
At the end of his voyage bold,
My third is something Columbus saw
‘Twixt the sea and the sky so blue
On October the 12th, that wonderful year
Of fourteen and ninety and two,
My whole’s an animal shaggy and big,
Ever ready a life to save —
The animal’s known as the Children’s friend
And he’s gentle as he is brave.

Edwardsville Intelligencer (Edwardsville, Illinois) Nov 10, 1915

Columbus Day Thought

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, they say, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He was forty-six years old and had met discouragements which would have deterred most men. But he stuck to his belief that the earth was round and if you started sailing towards the sun eventually you’d find a short cut to the east; if you kept going long enough you’d come around full circle to your home.

Because he did not let sneers or hardships get him down, he finally got his three ships started. Because he would not let a mutiny turn him back he finally was able to give us our lovely land. Canada got hers, too, more of it than ours. The South American states got theirs. Beauty and fertility and strength were in that earth and we have all shared in their power.

When boys and girls get tired of school, and play hookey in spirit if not in person on enticing outdoor days, they might remember old Christopher and stick it out. For the lad and lass who do their school work well will run their lives well. They learn concentration and self-control, which stand them in good stead all their lives.

The Chronicle Telegram (Elyria, Ohio) Oct 12, 1953

Rhyming Decapitations

December 5, 2010

No.230. — Rhyming Decapitations.

In front we see a railroad _____,
Near by a farmer, team and _____.

A quarter of an hour _____
The train was due, yet on they _____.

The train, though late, yet still was _____;
Its sound soon fell upon his _____.

His eye beheld a smoky _____;
He heard the whistle sounding _____.

His horses stopped, o’ercome with _____,
And moved to neither left nor _____.

The engineer shut off the _____
And saved collision with the _____.

The farmer had a fearful ____,
And he henceforth will use more _____.

The Evening News (Lincoln, Nebraska) Sep 2, 1893