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Colonel Wilson’s Talisman

July 22, 2009
Rabbit's Foot (Image from

Rabbit's Foot (Image from

A Rabbit’s Foot.

Col. Charles Y. Wilson, Kentucky’s state agricultural commissioner, has a rabbit’s foot with a history to it, which he intends to present to the next speaker of the house of representatives, with the request that it be handed down in the direct line of succession each subsequent term of the legislature. The rabbit had but three legs, and was caught in the cemetery at the dead hour of midnight by a one-legged man.

Before he got it the whole neighborhood had been praying for rain to save the crops. But when he took the rabbit’s foot in his hand, rubbed the rubbed the fur and made a few mystic signs, to his astonishment in a short while the great clouds began to pour a deluge of water over the thirsty land. Col. Wilson had it tipped with silver for a talisman to be suspended as a watch charm and used by the speaker of the house, like the magical ring in the “Arabian Nights.”

Indiana Weekly Messenger (Indiana, Pennsylvania) Dec  25, 1889