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Chickens Come Home to Roost

June 25, 2012

Bela Lanan

Decision in the Strange Case of  “THE LITTLE CHICK-A-DEES.”

“_____ GUILTY!” This bizarre case proved a difficult one for the court to decide, not because of any great legal problem, but for the incessant laughter and disorder among the crowded spectators who attended the trial.

Charlie Crowe’s defense was not very convincing to the jury. In fact, these twelve men seemed to think more of the “chickens’ evidence” than the story told by the prisoner.

After the trial in the lower court, Crowe, not satisfied with the verdict, took his case to the Court of Appeals, but this body too found the action of the chickens to be damaging evidence and affirmed the verdict.

In closing, the court made this humorous comment:

“It is said of old, that the shepherd knew his flock by name, the ox knew his owner, and the ass the master’s crib! Figuratively and literally, ‘chickens come home to roost’! The human being often speaks falsely, but the lower animals, not possessing that attribute to deceive, disclose the truth by obedience to an inherent nature and instinct.”

At any rate, Justice seemed to find a willing help-mate in the evidence of “The Little Chick-A-Dees”!

This is a true case. Reference of citation may be had by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to “Bela Lanan — Court Reporter.”

(Copyright, 1938, By Carlisle Crutchez. World Right Reserved.)

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