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A School-Girl of the Period

December 12, 2011

Image from Holy Cats!

A School-Girl of the Period.

Geography? Yes, there’s a lesson each day,
But it’s awfully hard to remember.
We’ve been in South Africa nearly a month;
Perhaps we’d go north by November.

What History have we? It’s quite a big book.
Without any pictures — the bother!
To-day I was told I’d sustained a defeat
In the battle of — something or other!

Arithmetic? Oh, it’s the bane of my life!
No matter how hard I may study,
My knowledge of dividends, fractions, and rules
Continues unchangeably muddy.

Proficient in spelling? I hope that I am,
Though I shine less as writer than talker;
And don’t mind confessing how often I use
A pocket-edition of Walker.

I write compositions? Of course, once a week —
We’ve such a dull subject to-morrow!
I manage to spin out a page and a half,
Though lots of girls copy and borrow.

You ask me which lesson of all I prefer?
You’ll think my reply quite alarming;
In French we’ve a gentleman teacher you know
And somehow it’s perfectly charming.

— EDGAR FAWCEIT, in Harper’s Magazine for October.

Cambridge City Tribune (Cambridge City, Indiana) Oct 14, 1869