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War Was Hell on the Homefront Too

February 3, 2009
The Soldier's Wife, Harper's Weekly, Oct. 24, 1863

The Soldier's Wife, Harper's Weekly, Oct. 24, 1863

The Cincinnati Times, of last Monday, states that Mrs. Mary Ann Kidney, the wife of a Union soldier, died of starvation in that city. Her husband had no pay for months, in consequence of which this poor woman died from actual want of food to sustain life. There have been probably hundreds, perhaps thousands of just such cases; and the blood of every victim who thus perishes from the failure  of the Government to meet its engagements with the soldiers, rests upon the heads of the administration, and cries for vengeance. When the death was discovered, “two children, one nine and the other thirteen years of age, were clinging in agony to the lifeless body, all that remained of what to them was dearest on earth.”

The Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Jan 12, 1863

Starved To Death

December 16, 2008
Kansas Pioneer Family

Kansas Pioneer Family

This story reminds me of  the  “Little House on the Prairie”  books:

A Mother and Three Children Die in a Lonely Cabin on the Kansas Prairies.

STOCKTON, Kan., Jan 6 [?] From Farmington, Rooks County, comes a fearful tale of destitution. Four years ago John Clifton died and left a widow with five children. Year after year the crops failed and the poor woman was obliged to sell off her stock until at last there was none left. This year finished the fight and when the recent blizzard came it found the house with neither food nor fuel. The house was located in the Blue Hills, four miles from the nearest neighbor.

Saturday some persons passed the house and seeing no signs of life entered the house, where they found the dead bodies of Mrs. Clifton and three of her children, while the other two were in the last agonies of death. Prompt attention was given to the living, but there is little hope for their recovery.

New Castle News (PA) 07 Jan 1891

I wonder if the two surviving children made it, or if it really was too late.