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Ballade of Ye Stylish Skirt

October 6, 2012



Miss Euphemia Burt
Bought a stylish new skirt,
The kind that’s so tight that it pinches,
To the mode she was hep
But the young lady’s step
Was at best a scant seven inches.

One could not see her feet
As she hopped down the street
She worried the keen traffic copper.
She could not navigate,
And the cars had to wait,
And he feared that she might come a cropper.

And the autos, my word!
It was truly absurd,
For Euphemia never could dodge ’em.
So they stopped with a slam,
And they got in a jam,
And it took a half-hour to dislodge ’em.

When she went to a show
With her regular beau,
To save time, the lady he carried.
And he said: “I can see
A tough life job for me,
If, perchance, we should ever be married.”

He would set down Miss Burt
In her very tight skirt
And lean her right up ‘gainst the wickets,
So she couldn’t fall down
In her Houdini gown,
And then he’d rush off for the tickets.

Two weeks of this stuff
And he had quite enough,
And eloped with a hack driver’s daughter,
Who was not long on style.

The Times Recorder (Zanesville, Ohio) Nov 20, 1923

Straw Hat Passes

September 15, 2012


Fashion Decrees Entrance of Other Headgear.

Thursday evening the careful male wrapped his straw kelly in a newspaper and stored it away for the winter. If he challenged fate by wearing it in public the chances are that it looks like a portion of breakfast food this morning, for an arbitrary law of fashion decrees that on September 15 the felt headpiece must be cleared of moth balls and take the place of discarded straw or panama.

Skylarking youths delight in enforcing this edict of fashion and the strong-minded protagonist of personal liberty who proclaims his right to wear a hay hat with a sunrise band until the frosts of autumn turn the rose tints of an alcoholic nose to blue, is apt to have his feeling outraged and his headpiece trampled in the dust of the street.

The passing of the straw lid is a signal for the end of summer flirtations and the retirement of the bathing girl from magazine covers; it pressages football, pumpkin pie, apple butter and the approach of the season of hunting and hunting stories.

The Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Sep 16, 1921

Among the other trials laid up for us during the coming summer is an advance in the price of straw hats. The war in China is causing a shortage in the importations of straw braid, which comes from Santung, where millions of rolls of the material have been burned and destroyed by the rebels.

Alton Democrat (Alton, Iowa) Jan 13, 1912

They say this is a free country but it is surprising how the straw hats disappear at a certain time each year.

Alton Democrat (Alton, Iowa) Sep 27, 1913

Straw hats are cheaper this year than in 1924, possibly for the reason that the supply of material is greater with no straw votes being taken.

Albuquerque Morning Journal (Albuquerque, New Mexico) Apr 21, 1925

Some time ago we felt the urge to buy a straw hat, but had to use the money to purchase a half a ton of coal. It was a wise purchase, as those who bought straw hats and are now shivering will tell you.

Albuquerque Morning Journal (Albuquerque, New Mexico) Apr 30, 1925