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Apples, Not Bullets

January 12, 2009


Lady Teacher Shot Five Times by Her Jealous Husband.

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Jan 20. — Mrs. W.F. Barker, teacher at the Bissett street public school, was shot five times yesterday morning by her husband in the class room. He drove to the school in a sleigh with their sixteen months-old child in his arms, walked into his wife’s class room and said: “Is this the way you take care of your child?” Mrs. Barker went into the hallway. Her husband followed and fired two shots at her. She reached another class room and then fell on the floor. Barker put the baby on the floor and, leaning over his wife, fired at her several times, five shots taking effect. Barker then drove rapidly away.

The couple have been married about two years and jealousy on Barker’s part is the supposed cause of the tragedy. The only lived together a short time after the marriage. Mrs. Barker was taken to the House of the Good Shepherd. It could not be told whether her injuries are fatal. She was shot three times in the head and face, once through the left hand and once through the left thigh. Barker left the baby in the school room.

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Jan 21,  1891


Unable to Work the Insanity Dodge.
Syracuse, N.Y., Jan. 23. — Wilbur F. Barker, who shot his wife five times at the Bassett street public school, where she was teaching, was unable to work his insanity dodge on the examining physicians, and he was declared sane. He was arraigned for assault in the first degree, pleaded not guilty, and was committed to jail. Mrs. Barker lingers between life and death.

Middletown Daily Press (Middletown, New York) Jan 23, 1891


Wilbur F. Barker Buried.
Wilbur F. Barker, at one time a well-known real estate agent of this city, died at his home, No. 507 East Fayette street, on Friday of locomotor ataxia. He was 70 years old. In January, 1891, Mr. Barker shot his wife, Mrs. Nellie Sloan Barker, while she was discharging her duties as principal of the Bassett Street (now Sumner) school. He was arrested and tried for assault in the first degree, the plea of insanity being advanced by his counsel. For several years he and his wife have been reconciled. One daughter and a widow are the only survivors. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon.

Syracuse Herald (Syracuse, New York) Jan 11,  1909

Interesting NOTE: I looked up locomotor ataxia, which is another name for Tabes dorsalis. Besides several physical symptoms, these two were also listed:  Personality Changes and Dementia. So maybe Mr. Barker was actually crazy, due to this disease.


422 Marcelius St.
Mrs. Nellie Sloan Barker of 422 Marcellus St. died at her home this morning after a long illness. She was 96, and a lifelong resident of Syracuse. A retired school teacher, Mrs. Barker was a member of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty, Harmony Circle. Services will be held Thursday at 11:00 a.m. at the Schumacher-Whelan Brothers Funeral Home, with Rev. Amos Phipps officiating. Friends may call at the funeral home from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight and from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow. Surviving is a grandnephew Thomas McCormack.

Syracuse Herald Journal (Syracuse, New York) Mar 6,  1956